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When it's windy, I take my go to drivers (Beast, Valkyrie) out of my bag, and fill it up with overstable discs (Destroyers and Teedevil in my case) and every blizzard disc I own, which I know sounds weird, but when you're playing on long open courses, throwing a blizzard disc down wind is a good option. Wind will carry it forever and because of the tailwind's increase in stability it turns a blizzard disc into a consistent flyer.
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Originally Posted by Grungedude42 View Post
I deal with the wind with a Trident. What wind?
Fixed that for me
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If you're confused as to exactly which way the wind blows throw some grass/leaves up to see. This helps if you can't quite tell if the wind is at your back or coming in from the side. I personally carry a towel all the time and use that as my wind gauge.

Also helps to practice in a field during windy days. Work on controlling the nose angle and how much of the flight plate you want exposed to the wind for all the types of shots you want to throw. I usually do this between four soccer goals (go end-to-end, turn 90 degrees to go towards the next goal, etc, etc). This way I get the full exposure of headwind, right-left, tailwind, left-right and more practice with what works and doesn't work.
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I used to hate long putts into the headwind until monday. I met up with some random guy at the course, it turned out he is much better than me(placed in the top 20 at last years memorial. I forgot his name). He told me to keep the nose up, and putt with a varation of anhyzer depending on the wind and the distance. I ended up draining about a 75 foot putt in headwind.
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Related question: If i have the basket directly in front of me in an open field with a 15-25mph headwind. I choose to throw my firebird or FL. Do i am directly at the basket because of the wind, or do i throw more of a hyzer angle? In other words, does a headwind take the fade out of the disc? If so, how much? I guess the same question for a tailwind. Does that take the turn out of the disc? thanks.
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I by no means am a great wind player, I've been getting my butt kicked by the wind recently. But the main piece of advice that has been helping me improve is Practice! It's a cold blustery day and your couch/TV is oh so inviting, get out on the course and get a round in, practice putts, practice your upshots, learn what the wind will do to various discs thrown various different ways. This will build confidence in throwing your wind shots, and confidence is everything. "I'm going to throw this because it's going to do this" is going to improve your game so much over "I'm going to throw this and hope that it's going to do this".
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Originally Posted by Grungedude42 View Post
I deal with the wind with a Trident. What wind?
Originally Posted by plastic cannon View Post
Fixed that for me
Good call. My Opto xXx also does the trick.
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I played in west Texas twice a week for three years. I know a lot about my game in the wind, but I wouldn't want to give advice to someone I've never seen throw. My advice is to play in the wind a lot. Don't let a windy day stop you from playing, even 30+ mph winds. You'll learn quickly and most likely there will be a lot less people on the course.

I will say, in strong tailwinds you'll be shocked at how far you can throw your putter. On uphill tailwinds, I've had a lot of luck forehanding Rivers, Diamonds or Leopards.

After you get used to it, playing in the wind is fun. Especially when you play your friends that normally don't play in the wind.
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Thanks for the repleys, I may have not expressed my question completely correct. I was wondering what are your "goto" discs and how you throw them in different wind conditions and what are your least and most favorite conditions when it comes to do with wind? I accually have had my best rounds in moderately windy conditions. So im looking to see if what your thought process is when it comes to wind is the same mind set that I have.
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I'll depart from discs and technique to mention strategy.

On windy days, I find it more crucial than ever to throw great upshots. I try to put the disc right under the basket, so putting in the wind is not an issue. And I'm always aware of which way the wind is blowing at the basket so that if I do have to putt, I've placed my shot where I'm putting downwind.
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