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I have 3 putter molds currently. I used to only have 1 I used to use avairs and I carried a DX P&A for putts no bead, a Star BB for drives and a Star no bead for turnover drives and approaches.

Then I got a mystery box and now I carry SSS wizard for putting, an ion for drives/approaches, and a opto pure for understable approaches

I'm doing this mainly for experimentation purposes. I might go back to 1 mold but not sure which one.
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I carry three different putter molds when I'm using my regular bag. I like using a Sole for my main putter, a VP for windy putts and occasional approaches, and a Challenger for my driving putter.

I feel like this gives me a good putter line up to hit whatever lines I need. I have debated looking for an understable putter also, but I think that I could probably hit any line that an understable putter would hit with my Comets.
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2 molds:
KC Pro Aviar - all putts/upshots, except in wind then,
S Wizard - wind putter/driver
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I putt with P&A Aviars. Upshot/drive with KC Aviars (a beat one and a fresh one). Have a ESP Zone for meathook/trouble shots.

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Psh there is only ONE putter and thats a Challenger...
I Carry Two or Three (Super Stiff ones) for putting &
Two (old ProD's) for throwing

I Do carry a stiff Rhyno but its ONLY for Overstable Approaching and Driving mainly High Hyzers and stall shots.
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1 mold two discs. Soft glow anode and neutron anode.
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I carry a couple of magics (identical) for putting
Just started using a soft summit for some approaches

I want to start using putters more for driving and approach
So I just ordered some hpp wizards and magics for this.
Plus a couple of erasers to try inside.
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I own over a dozen wizards in varying stabilities and plastics, Ions, anodes, and a full color stamped Gold Line Pure I'm afraid to throw.
I usually carry a wizard and anode, and am really digging the extra overstability of the RFF wizard right now. Might have to buy a bigger bag to carry extra putters.
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Right now, I have 3 Pro Pigs and 2 SSS Wizards in the bag.

If you use everything in your bag, then you don't have too many molds.
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Two Mercys.

And a random lid, for kicks
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