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In the interest of minimal molds, why not just use the Pure for everything? They're as good at holding hyzer angles as they are anhyzer.
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I just picked up a couple Sinus SP's last week. Great feeling putter, and it throws pretty well for me.
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Originally Posted by tbird888 View Post
In the interest of minimal molds, why not just use the Pure for everything? They're as good at holding hyzer angles as they are anhyzer.
My home course is a seaside course with 20+ mph winds very common, and not even the Opto Pure holds hyzer into that kind of headwind (at least in my hands). I do agree though that in calm conditions the Opto Pure does hold hyzer very well, and I use it way more often than my overstable putter, but I feel I need the more overstable option when the situation calls for it.
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Got to throw my Hard Zero Sinus today. The plastic seems really similar to my TM2 Pure. It flew very different than I expected. It looks so much like a Zone, but I guess the lack if glide keeps it from a long hyzer finish. It goes straight and then takes a short dump, and who doesn't like a short dump? The net result is that it finishes just a little left. I like it.
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I really like the Sinus. The zone was just a little too overstable for me but the sinus fills that roll perfectly.
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how would you rate these. How do they glide good,bad, nothing. Like on Innovas scale how would you rate them. Specially the 2013 hard and soft
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They don't glide, and that's kind of the point of this mold.
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I carry two, one AP, one SP. SP for anything needing a fade or hard hyzer line inside of 70ft or so. The AP, for anything comfortable up to 225ft or so. The AP takes damage really badly considering I use it more often and it takes hard impacts frequently. I'll be getting another before this too long.

I carry 4 putters and 2 molds. Sinuses and Swan2s cover all my bases.

As for the glide, as others have said, it really doesn't glide. It'll fly at a decent clip for around 50ft or so on driving power, then start to bleed speed quickly. The disc is very blunt-edged and will drag in the air. It'll do a quick fade easing to the left as it drops to the ground. If you've ever thrown a Rhyno, its that kind of blunt edge that kills glide and causes quick fade. Flies similar to a Rhyno too, just not quite as OS in the earlier part of its flight.
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These are great discs. The zero hard plastic is amazing in feel, very stiff and grippy like "soft" gateway s-series. The sinus in zero hard is very overstable like a shorter, taller zone. It has a board flat top but I like the zone because it is faster and much more comfortable for forehand. My buddy doesn't like the zone for backhand because it feels too thin in his grip so he loves the sinus.
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No comments for a while on the Sinus. I have been thowing a zero hard for the last year. The thing is incredible. Still has no high speed turn but takes forever to fade. The more this disc wears the better it is. I have a zero soft that I use on approaches because it is more overstable for me and just sits. I wish that there was some form of premium Sinus. Now that they made an air judge I wonder if we'll ever see an air Sinus so that they can get opto down to 175g.
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