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Originally Posted by Organicvoodoo View Post
Threevok= poor-comedian
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Originally Posted by nolangherity View Post
i usually play with one or two other competitive players. we play ready golf and can par anything, yet we get thrown on CONSTANTLY. like every round always. i generally get pretty mad about this, and usually confront the person, but nobody seems to cop to it.

if your disc lands anywhere near me i promise i'll drive it straight back at you.. sadly it happens a lot.
Bad a$$ alert, watch out folks.
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Originally Posted by Moosula View Post
Always double check for sarcasm before throwing DB bombs around.
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Originally Posted by Shreddedcoconut View Post
I dont mean to come off as a jerk here. But come on, man up to it and do something to change it. Introduce yourself and explain the flow of the game and invite them to a casual league or doubles night. Explain some things that they dont know and how they can affect other people that might be out on the course with them. Why is it that people just want to cry and get mad about certain things but then never do anything to change them? Understand that people play the game for different reasons and thats ok. The courses are in public parks, not your private property. Everybody has a right to be there, man up and do something about it. As long as you are pleasant than people will be receptive. I thought disc golf wasn't supposed to be elitist? jesus christ.....
I try to explain the sport to newbies when I come across them on the course, most don't want to hear it though. The ones that can't be reached, those are chuckers, they are probably hopeless and nothing I say can change that until they are ready to listen. Not every new player is a chucker, not every chucker is a new player. Some people are content with eternal mediocracy.
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Originally Posted by Innova63 View Post
Years back here in WI, there used to be a guy who answered to "Shoobie" at the most tournaments in Sheboygan....

and I played with some guy named "Schwebe" at the '98 AM Worlds in Appleton...

could they be related?
Shoobie is from Appleton. He and I have been playing together since the late 1980s. He still plays. Might have been him on Schweiger that you played with in 98.
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Originally Posted by Stankyjahnke View Post
Damn u must be god. Who are you to question people's intelligence base on a sport in which u throw a frisbee. Do you sit in the mirror have the day thinking " I'm so smart I'm awesome. I hope there's no stupid chuckers at my course". You sir are a d bag
Sooo ... you're a chucker?

There are two kinds of disc golfers ... frolfers and d bags.
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Originally Posted by Dan Ensor View Post
Sooo ... you're a chucker?

There are two kinds of disc golfers ... frolfers and d bags.
Well I sure as hell wouldn't ever refer to myself as a frolfer ...
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I've had the good fortune not to run into any d-bag chuckers on the course yet, but I know it's bound to happen. I tend to go early in the morning, especially in the summer when it's real hot. I see lots of guys out there without shirts chucking around tie-dye champ Bosses as their only disc, but they're out having fun and have always been friendly and courteous. I have no problem with that. What does bother me, though, is when non-dgers wander onto the course while you're playing and refuse to move or acknowledge that you're playing. I once had a lady who insisted on walking around the fairways with her dogs without leashes (this particular park requires your pets to be on leashes) and she was in no big hurry to leave. I tried my best to be patient, but I was screaming on the inside. Even if you don't know what DG is or how it's played, isn't it a basic human function to realize when you're in someone else's way? Luckily her dogs weren't retrievers or else there would have been some major issues.

Going back to the 'chuckers always throw Bosses or Beasts' discussion, one of the big sports stores in my town that sells discs seem to be infatuated with high speed drivers and I think this contributes to the issue. I'd say 60% of their sales rack is tie-dye Champ Bosses, with quite a few Vulcans, Katanas, Nukes and even a Groove sprinkled in. For midrange discs? A Buzzz is your only option. Putters? Magnet or Aviar. It's easy to see how someone who doesn't know much about the game ends up with the plastic they do when it seems the sports stores in the area think high speed = sexy and only stock their shelves with it. Luckily there is a smaller, lesser known sports store in town that sells a little more variety (I picked up my first Roc there and never looked back), but unfortunately most people end up going to the bigger box store.
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Originally Posted by JC AceHole View Post
I have noticed that too at highland. The gomers are multiplying... Generally they do hang out at shorewood which I try to avoid entirely. West park is getting really bad too. I find that its easier to avoid them when you go early in the morning.
The oaks is by far the worst.
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Originally Posted by JC AceHole View Post
I find that its easier to avoid them when you go early in the morning.
Early morning is the best time to play disc golf. Only real players are out at that time, and the courses are usually pretty empty.
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