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If only there was a way to register before the event.
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Originally Posted by The Hammer View Post
If only there was a way to register before the event.
Hello best friend, thanks for the advice!
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Hey Paul,

Anymore PMB S P2's left?
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How many aces are under your belt paul? Do you have a favorite?
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Originally Posted by PMcBeth View Post
yes quite a few, 1 in Helsinki, 1 in Nokia, 1 in Stockholm, 1 in Amsterdam and a handful of others i can not remember.
What did you think about the Amsterdam course (Sloterpark)? It was my home course for a year. I think of it as Winthrop-like, there is basically no elevation except the hill hole, but they use water, OB, mandos, and distance well to still make it challenging for an advanced/pro player. I am curious what a top pro thinks though, the best guys in the Netherlands are "only" around 980 rated.
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Busy this weekend??

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Originally Posted by Organicvoodoo View Post
Sounds like a plan, problem is tourneys are always full!
Hmmm... GBO had plenty of room this past weekend. In fact, Nikko Locastro showed up Friday morning and played with no problems. It would've been quite a test and showdown. Haven't been to a tournament yet where they turn folks away even that day. I'm sure it happens, but I'd say it's very rare. "Always full" is very much a stretch...
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Originally Posted by ScottyLove View Post
Haven't been to a tournament yet where they turn folks away even that day. I'm sure it happens, but I'd say it's very rare. "Always full" is very much a stretch...
Our local A-Tier sold out in 18 minutes.
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sorry if this has already been asked, but are you planning on making it back to the SOKY Championships this year?

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Gotta say I've become a big fan of yours since this thread. Anyway just a story I stumble into the hotel I'm staying at for a particular amateur tournament over the weekend where I see some starters and a player of a certain new company that has started. Anyway as they are reviewing results of the GBO and they are making comments. I simply say I bet you come back get at least 2nd place and pretty much say you're the best Sunday player in the world. One of the owners says no way I'll bet your $50 I'm wrong. Didn't take the bet cause I'd have no way of collecting but just wanted to say thanks for making him eat his words.
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