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Riverside In My home town has stinging nettles on a few holes, they are nasty but the effects only last 10 minutes.
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Can't believe no one has been a smart-ass and said "mary jane" or something to that effect
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After reading through some of the more extreme examples of hated vegetation, I came to the conclusion that here in SE MI, we don't have it too bad!

I have to agree with most of the other midwest/great lakes area contributors and say Poison Ivy and such are to be feared the most around these parts. Like several others have said, there are some pokey things here and there, but nothing like what can be ran into at Idlewild, or Hornets nest.. let alone these vile-looking weapons disguised as plants you call 'Honey Locust' and 'Mesquite'!

From a different perspective though, I would have to say I hate the Buckthorn the most. Glossy Buckthorn (Rhamnus Frangula) is highly invasive and very prominent on many courses in our area. The fairways of the famed Hudson Mills are practically lined with very large buckthorn bushes (8-9ft tall x 15ish ft in circumference) usually in clusters of 4 or 5. They make getting around difficult, and playing through them can be very tricky, but they pose virtually no risk of bodily harm.

The problem lies in the threat it poses to the local ecosystem. This species inhibits native plants from growing normally, which leaves more room for these to grow, which in turn replaces the food source for many insects. The berries of the buckthorn (which yield several seeds per berry) contain a chemical that is not palatable to these bugs, which in turn reduces the food stock for insectivorous birds, which in turn spreads the population of the birds thinner, so on and so forth..

It is by no means a critical issue, just something this thread got me to thinking about.
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Originally Posted by B3NDER View Post
Can't believe no one has been a smart-ass and said "mary jane" or something to that effect
Don't give um any ideas B3NDER.
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Anything that gives me a rash. Thorns and stinging nettles only last so long.

Dat Rash lingers.
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For me at my home courses, I hate the ice plant! It carpets the ground and sucks for footing an run ups.
But what I hate the most about it is, it breaks up kinda like aloe and all the juice gets on your disc and stains your disc a poop colored brown. People always trip on me cause I'm always cleaning my discs. It eats away at the plastic and it reall does leave a sh*t color mark.
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This stuff is plain old NASTY!! I'm still recovering from mine that I got last week in California. I would gladly take Poison Ivy over Oak ANY day!

Originally Posted by Peterb View Post
Poison oak, which is endemic to northern california...
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Pretty epic Stinging Nettles on Toronto Island
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It's gotta be Poison Ivy, simply because the rash sticks around for days. Thorns certainly are no fun, but they're generally harder to miss and the pain is only momentary. Poison Ivy is easy to miss until you see that rash start to form. Then you're stuck with it.

I've gotten into poison sumac before too, that's not fun either, but in New England, poison ivy is definitely more prevalent.
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Poison Ivy. It is everywhere in peak season at my home course, and I seem to always find it.
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