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Originally Posted by Mattallica View Post
We say it like the first line to "Sweet Home Alabama"

Don't think about what it means... Just tern it up.
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Reminds me of the old Freedom Rock commercial.

Hey man is that Freedom Rock?

Yeah man

Well Turn it UP man!

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Originally Posted by davmer2303 View Post
The champ is more stable, but certainly not overstable. And the star was pretty neutral with a more pronounced turn. Tons of distance with the star (worlds stamp) But I could see big arms turning that thing hard without a hyzer release.
Id say its understable for sure and I'm throwing a 170 champ tern. It turned pretty good on me today when released flat.. I'd say give it just a little hyzer to prevent too hard of a turnover.

Can anyone comment on whether or not the tern is more or less understable than a katana?

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I've only thrown a Katana once or twice and I don't believe that the Tern is as understable as the Katana. (I have two Champion Terns around 165g.)

I just got two backups for my Wahoo that I love last weekend. I took my three Wahoos, two Terns and a Frenzy that I have out to the practice field tonight. I got the Terns and Frenzy hoping that they would fly like the Wahoo for me, but in more durable plastic. Then I thought that I'd still just get a couple more Wahoos.

Anyway... The Wahoos are a little more understable than the Terns, but fly very similarly for me. As long as I throw them properly, RHBH, the Wahoos turn right a little bit more than the Terns, but not a lot. The Wahoos are a little easier to turn over and will crash and burn if I mess up my form. Today, I was just trying to throw them with a level release and not too high. I have to hyzer my broken in Wahoo a little. I was throwing the Terns around 350' and the Wahoos just a little futher, maxing out at 370'.

I was pretty pleased with these results as my primary drivers, QOLFs, typically max out at 325' for me.

As far as the Frenzy goes, anyone interested in buying or trading for one? It just didn't feel the same in my hand and, for me, actually flew overstable with no turn at all. This isn't what I was looking for.
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Have now thrown a friend's Star and bought my own at a tourney yesterday. Definitely different than the Champion. I turned these from the get go. Not hugely different from my seasoned Archon, but going to be tough to tell that since I left the Archon on the course and no one bothered to call the number on it.
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I have been liking my two new champ terns 170 and 175 as my go to for most drives over 350ft. I have been comparing and contrasting them with a 169 Z surge, 175 proline hurricane, 175 champ krait, 174 biofuzion trespass, and two 171+173 AJ star destroyers. I have removed the flashing off of all of them and they have all been thrown many times in a field and on the course. I've been improving my distance and I have finally been hitting 400ft pretty reliably. Here are my observations at ~375.

First off I shyed away from the d2 and d3 so far because I don't like the flexibility of many of the 400 plastic discs I felt, all the d series I have seen in person have been quite domey, and prodigy supposedly has some minor consistency issues as a new company so I've put those on hold at the moment.

My two AJ star destroyers are both very flat and straight flying with a tiny amount of turn on a strong flat throw. They always have a healthy fade and land a decent amount left of the line I throw them on. They are very fast and pretty comfortable in my hand. They are harder to control for me than I like as they require my full power and a pretty flat throw, a little too much hyzer and they will hold it strongly and fall out of the sky.

My hurricane, to my great surprise, is roughly equally overstable to the destroyers even after plenty of abuse. They are both extremely similar in feel, speed, and flight and I would say are pretty interchangable at ~375. Proline plastic is amazing.

When I first saw champ kraits there were three and all were freakishly domey so I passed on them. Later I found some more at a different location and again all were very very domey but I decided to try one this time. Turns out mine is very overstable just like my most overstable 175 bottom stamped star destroyer, which was surprising to say the least. Even after tons of use it is a long fairly straight flying but quite overstable driver with roughly the same speed and flight characteristics of my two flat AJs and the hurricane. I called marshall street to pick out a new one and they said that all 15 or so of them are also crazy domey so the jury is still out on the viability that mold in champion.

My Z surge is flat and overstable but more forgiving than the last three molds. It tends to fly ~10 feet short of the last three when all are thrown well but it is a little bit more straight flying. It likes to be released full power and pretty flat but can accept more hyzer and still fly straight than my AJs. This is definitely the most comfortable of the bunch in my hand. It has a thinner rim and feels less sharp on the palm. Mine is a great disc, like a slightly longer PD.

The Trespass also has a more comfortable rim like the surge but is a little more shallow. This disc is the least overstable of the bunch. On a 400ft throw it likes to be released with some hyzer so that it will flip up and turn and glide for a long time before fading back. It does fade back every time at ~375 but sometimes it turns so much that it still lands right of the line I threw it on. This is a great disc for a lot of different shots and it can get me ~20 feet more distance on a perfect toss than the first three but it is definitely much more finicky and significantly more diffcult to be accurate. Don't get me wrong it is still quite an accurate disc but I preferred the surge for most max distance shots. Especially if I would reach them or there are trees/trouble/need to land left.

The tern has become my go to long distance driver at the moment. It has replaced my surge and trespass very successfully and now I throw the destroyer for long flat hyzers much less often which is a bonus because If I release the destroyer with a little too much hyzer it will hold it strongly and fall out of the sky. Mine both have a natural amount of dome and the plastic is fantastic. It is nice and stiff yet somehow surprisingly grippy. The tern is definitely visibly faster in flight than the trespass and will usually get a noticeable ~10 feet of extra distance. This is especially impressive to me because both of my terns are more overstable than my trespass. They are certainly less overstable than my surge but they are anything but flippy. They like to be thrown flat or with a tiny bit of hyzer which are both in my comfort zone for a full power shot. If I throw it flat they will turn a healthy amount and fade every time in line or left of the line I released it on. If thrown with a tiny amount of hyzer mine turn very minimally but get a full flight and if thrown with a small amount of hyzer they will hold and produce a very long remarkably straight hyzer that does not desperately want to fall out of the sky. I have thrown them into some pretty strong headwinds and while they performed alright I definitely wouldn't recommend it. It kind of has a plus-ish rim so if that is somehow a deal breaker steer clear. In short they are very fast, pretty glidey, easily controllable/forgiving, and surprisingly reliable/precise. These are not wonder discs just a great go-to maximum distance driver for bh at 400ft.

Looking forward to receiving my 172 opto sword in a few days as well...

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I'm so sick of people hating on Innova understable wide rim discs. For those of you experts, you don't understand the huge difference these discs can make for those of us with less arm speed and power. These are are the discs that help new women see measurable changes in their game.

So quit hating, there's a market for it or Innova wouldn't keep doing it.

Back on topic, I threw the Tern today for the first time and I love it. Huge glide and could take serious snap. I was able to really give it my all and it was like a bullet. Held a straight line and finished with a flair.

I was surprised by how it felt right out of the box. This thing will be in my bag at my tourney tomorrow.
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How is it that Innova stamps the Star Terns as -4 / 2, and the Champ Terns as -2 / 2 ?!?!

I have been throwing a Worlds Star Tern, but bought a couple production run Star Terns so I can take the Worlds disc out of the bag. Didn't think I would get a disc that's labeled -4 / 2....

The Worlds Star Tern definitely isn't -4 high speed.

Anyone thrown the production Stars? Compared them to the Champs? Just curious, strange that Innova would stamp the same disc in two different plastics with different flight numbers.
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I just got some Champ Terns and I'm loving them...Great glide, great plastic, perfect useful stability. After what seems like years(since the Innova has finally made another driver I really like. I've only played a couple rounds with my Terns (3x172, 1x167) so far, but they have been completely intuitive on every shot I've thrown with them. I'm going to get some more (who knows what the next run will be like) because I'm pretty sure I've found my new D driver.
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Originally Posted by BennettUA View Post
How is it that Innova stamps the Star Terns as -4 / 2, and the Champ Terns as -2 / 2 ?!?!

I have been throwing a Worlds Star Tern, but bought a couple production run Star Terns so I can take the Worlds disc out of the bag. Didn't think I would get a disc that's labeled -4 / 2....

The Worlds Star Tern definitely isn't -4 high speed.

Anyone thrown the production Stars? Compared them to the Champs? Just curious, strange that Innova would stamp the same disc in two different plastics with different flight numbers.
I think the world's star tern is a -4 HSS. it definitely has less than the champ.
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