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Default DGCR Secret Santa Christmas in July 2013

All entries must be done via email to dgcrsecretsanta@gmail.com. Any PM's to me will be ignored (I don't have enough space to handle the amount of messages).

In your email you need to include your name, street address we are shipping to (all on one line please), what qualifications you meet, and how many times you are playing.

All general questions should be asked here. Most people know the low down and can help you out.

Minimum requirements to play (meet at least two)
1. Be a current Premium member
2. Minimum 5 positive Itrader feedback
3. Participate in a previous SS
4. Reputable member who can vouch for you
5. Silver Trusted Reviewer
6. Make a donation for my next Haiti trip (PM for details if you are seriously interested)

Participation Rules
1) Post what you dislike, what you throw and what you might want to try out. Also include your shirt and hat size. (this is just for ideas you probably won't get most of what you list.) No posting your dream list, be realistic.
2) Post pictures of your package when it arrives.
3) Delivery confirmation is mandatory!!! When you ship, you must enter your shipping information into the Google Form
4) Minimum value of your gift must be $15 MSRP (including at least one new premium plastic disc or slightly used OOP) Used disc prices will be evaluated by a trusted source. Price will be determined by Marshall Street's prices.
5) Packages MUST be mailed no later than July 5, 2013
6) Complaining about the quality of your package is prohibited. Doing so will result in your banning from future Secret Santa's. (If you have a question about the value PM me before posting)

The Final day names will be accepted is midnight EST June 21st

Note: If you do not ship you will receive two negative iTrader: one from me and one from your recipient.

The other members that are helping this go round are:
fishy (4th time)
bcr123psu (3rd time)
shroom (3rd time)
apdrvya (2nd time)

One of us will be pming you your recipient info around June 24th.

So be sure to thank them.
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in for three!
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Wants list:
Gators, Rocs, PD's, PD2's, Rivals, Ghosts, USED pinnacle rampages, CE Teebird (not TL) throwers, awesome DGA Breakers, Bag tags, serrated pocket knives, Zipper Pulls, Flex-Fit hats (L-XL), dg/the chive shirts 3XL.

Don't like:
Discraft, Prodigy, chuckers.
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I'm in


Pink Protege Clutch*
Biofusion Escapes*
GL Villain
Lucid and Biofusion suspects (flat)
Star Wraith
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Originally Posted by solomon.trenton View Post
One of us will be pming you your recipient info over the weekend after Thanksgiving.
I'm guessing this was a recycled X-mas post? Maybe bcr123psu can fix?

What you wanna give. Quality jerky works!

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Sad I can't participate but all my discs minus a big bag of throwers are going in storage and I am going to be too transient and busy to commit.

Have fun guys.
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Default I'm in

I'm in for one!

-neat MVP Ions
-legend rivals/patriots
-MVP stuff...
-any swag you want to throw my way
-large shirts/dri fits and average size hat
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email sent

likes - champ roadrunners, buzzes, wizards

dislikes - none really

would like to try - jolly rancher plastic (maybe a tern), lat 64/westside drivers (love their colors too)

shirt size - XXL

hats - don't wear

other things I like - root beer, cream soda, MN Vikings, rollercoasters, heavy metal music

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Wants - Cryztal buzzz's and Drones,Barstamp buzzz's (not expecting wasp tooled but I like throwers) Med/firm vibram discs, Champ/star firebirds, MVP Shocks, Premium Plastic XL's, Roc 3's

Dislikes - Super Fast discs, Green/muted color discs

Would Like To Try - vibram putters besides the sole, gator, lat64/westside fairway drivers

Shirt Size - XL

Hats - Disc Golf Trucker hats!

Other Things I Like - DG stickers, cool bag tags and patches, paracord goodies
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Is this different then the other one...?
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