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Originally Posted by sidewinder22 View Post
Comparing DGCR ratings will have a much wider variance into what it really means. PDGA ratings have less variables.
i.e. verifiability of scores...and if that's not a word I'm making it one.
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Is there somewhere on this site to see a breakdown of the group's ratings? Or of PDGA ratings?

I'd like to see the spread.
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You mean DGCR ratings v. PDGA ratings? I don't think there is, but I could certainly be wrong.

FWIW, my DGCR v. PDGA ratings are 907 v. 907. Pretty wild.
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I wanted to know the spread on this site. Maybe something like that?
Just curious is all.
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I stopped playing pdga stuff in 2012 and was rated 906 or 908, I don't remember which it was. Here I have been trying to be as honest as possible as of late entering any and all rounds that I play whether good or bad. I've been hanging in the 937-942 range as of late with it dropping to 937 yesterday with a couple rounds at dinker 9 holers bringing it down. The 9 hole courses kill your rating or give you a great rating on here. I've added more consistent distance the last couple years bringing my average drives from 300 to 340-350 range. My max before was 375 or so, now my best ones get to 400 but it is the consistent range to reach 350 ft holes that has changed it for me. If I played a entire season of pdga I'd guess I would be in the 930 area.
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PDGA 935
DGCR 929

However, my PDGA rating is from just one tournament and 36 holes.

My DGCR rating is most rounds that I've played for the last several years... the good, the bad and the ugly!

I've recorded 396 total rounds on DGCR. Of those, 190 or nearly half are, from my own course, Knobley Mt. DGC. I feel that the DGCR ratings are a little low compared to what they would be with PDGA ratings. So add a few points and they're basically the same.

I've also improved over the last couple of years since my tourney, so it would be interesting to see what I could do now.
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