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Originally Posted by heartman View Post
Mr. Jones makes an appearance on DGCR?!?!?

... never played LR, but I'm going to try a RH Firebird thumber if the line's there. If not than a RHFH Firebird like KatanaFrenzy.

Been non-stop busy for quite some time, things have settled somewhat now, should be posting more.
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Amp Low. Probably lay-up for a three.
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I'd go with either the F2 or the Roc3
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Judge right up the gut. Second drive would be a Rival on a spike hyzer out to the right and watch it come crashing down hopefully near the basket.
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Either try to thread a beat Leopard through there, or use a XXX thumber over the top
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RHBH RGL Spike, TM2 Pure to finish.
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Aviar P&A roller usually gets me in putting range...
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hyzer flip a fury
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Great course, I walk down the hill and use this as a warm-up hole when I go out there since it has 3 lines of approach, FH/BH/OH all work and each will give you a look if done right.

I normally FH a beat-in Firebird here and hope for a little skip-and-roll toward the basket.
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Axis straight at it (in this position), putting for a 2.
(Hey, I can actually make it sometimes!)
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