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Speed/Running Disc Golf

I've really picked up on running to get in shape for my upcoming wedding. In order to save on time I've combine disc golf and running. I know a few people that do it locally and elsewhere.

How can you measure success? Does running faster out weigh scoring lower?

I average about 9 minutes per mile running normally. When discing i've averaged between 12-13 minutes per mile. The two local courses are about 1.4-1.7 miles depending on how often I look in the brush

My scores at course #1 have been -2, E, +1 when my average score is around -2 give or take 3 strokes. Course #2 I set my personal singles record while running at -8. Been taking 3 discs, Pro FB, 12x KC Aviar, and either a tern or boss.

I really can only run early morning on the weekends when the course is empty. The early morning dew causes issues with wiping the discs and carrying a towel.

So anyone else do these? Any hints to improve?
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I definitely don't have the motivation/dedication to speed golf by myself. However, I think speed golf can be fun with other people. You all start a hole at the same time and just try to be first in the basket. First in basket gets a 1, second in gets a 2, and so on. After a hole is completed you take a short break to catch a breather, then start again on the next hole. Person with lowest score at the end wins.
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I appreciate your trying to be courteous and go when the course is empty, but I don't think you should have to. We have some people who speed golf at the local course. I can't speak for everyone, but I've never seen anyone get annoyed when a speed golfer asks to play through.
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I used to this alot to get myself into shape for boot camp!
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Add some pushups in for missed putts!
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I watched the Speed Ball Golf Championship on NBC sports a month or two ago. All the sames rules as ball golf, but you are allowed to putt with the pin in and people carry less clubs in a smaller bag. It was REALLY intriguing and made me think of doing the same thing for disc golf.

The way they scored, was total time plus strokes. So if you shoot a 50 in 40'30" you're score is a 90 30.

I love this way of scoring, but it does make it that you need to have a really scattered shot gun start, or just everybody start at 1/10 at certain times to have good intervals between players. It's definitely possible to do in a tournament setting, but having a speed golf round in the middle of a saturday on a public course could be a pain the the arse.

For practice, either super early morning/late night would be best.
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We used to see a guy who would run and disc Hoover. We always kind of giggled about it but I think it's a noble idea. I still wouldn't want to rush my round.
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That was a good article! I might incorporate push ups after the round. My break line would be 1000 rather than even par. My casuals on my course would not be very friendly to play with, some of the holes are blind which could lead to unwarned throws.

I've noticed I think a lot less about my throws and putts. Sometimes I tend to back off a throw it keep it in the fairway. My round this morning was rated a 1011 in a tourney a few years ago.

One hole this morning I was running almost 1/2 way to the basket and it banged off the front of the cage! I felt like Tiger Woods walking in a putt on the green.
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On a busy course, speed golfers can be annoying. Last year I was playing an 18-hole course, you had to wait on almost every hole for the previous group to finish. They weren't particularly slow, it was just stacked. A speed golfer came through and passed us 4 times. He ended up slowing everyone down. Maybe once would have been fine, and maybe it was because of the stress of an already slow game. But I'd suggest only playing speed golf when the course is at least moving.

That said, I've played a few times. Because of the previous incident, I'm now a bit self conscious when I ask to play through.
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