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Black Beauties

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Originally Posted by Moonshine View Post
I'm pretty sure looking cool is out of the question when you are playing disc golf, so no worries there. Seems like you have plenty of experience with the 'shine.
I do [Insert drunken smiley here]. Unfortunately, you can't get good 'shine anymore. It should have a burn the first sip, and then taste like water afterwards. THAT'S why everyone gets tanked on it first time, if its good. Experienced 'shiners learn moderation...or else.
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theres plenty shade in the basket
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I could never use a black disc unless it was like snowing or something, id be too afraid it would blend it to the dirt.
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Originally Posted by fountg View Post
I could never use a black disc unless it was like snowing or something, id be too afraid it would blend it to the dirt.
IMO you should never use anything black but a black putter (only for putting) unless the ground is covered in snow.
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when i did feild work in hot weather my black roc got really reallynhot and was hard to touch. it sat in the sun for a while
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I have a black RFF Magic that has seen 130 degrees, at least. It gets really droopy, but not hot enough to burn.

Many people don't realize that official temperature is measured in the shade. When you're outside in the sun (which many of us are) the temps can be much higher.
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I had a black challenger that got super hot in the sun. I was out playing one day and a friend picked it up and let it go real quick... too hot i said as i picked it up and held it, "yes!" he said. Well it probably helps I work as a blacksmith so im used to hot things...

but I don't recall one ever burning me.
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I have Black Ions that get a little toasty when I throw them off the drive, and have to wait a while to pick it up. I've gotten to the point where i usually drive with my white Ion, or throw a black putter I know I won't want to putt with.
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