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Originally Posted by SteezeOG View Post
I don't know. Emac has short videos throwing the DD molds as well. I don't know if many prodigy players have done them, I don't usually follow them on youtube.


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Seen those three but I'm surprised there aren't more, especially from their brand account. They released that initial video with a description of their business ideas and then not much else. Just a fizzle. Legacy definitely makes some cool videos for not having a full roster of sponsored players to rely on. That tells me they care for their customers.
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Originally Posted by tampabay View Post
I think DD is the most customer friendly brand right now. I love Legacy and I think they might be number 2, but if you go to DD's website they have every single players bag posted with explanations of why they chose each disc. They also have tons of videos for followers.

I think Legacy will catch up and they will both represent customer friendly/focused brands.

To be clear, I would classify Innova/Discraft as the massive brands that focus on hitting the masses. MVP is focused on quality. Vibram is focused on driving the sport. Prodigy is focused on their players.

It's interesting to see the companies shift and take different roles, the last few years have been so good for disc golf and this video is a perfect example of how the sport is developing.
I know I always feel welcome at tournaments and shopping with them. I think CDSB helps with all his coverage and they run so many tournaments across the country you can tell they aren't just about a few sponsored players but the average guy who may only spend money on a disc every few months. It has shaped how I buy. I couldn't even get a response from Prodigy when I sent an email and tweets about a proto D4 that was overweight and promised to be replaced. I can send an email to DD with an attached picture and say nothing more than a mold and weight and when my dyemax is done I get a prompt email telling me I can pick up and pay. I like good service.

I like Legacy too. If I had room I'd probably have half a bag full of cannons and patriots. I don't like small operations acting like they are too big to take care of the little guy. Just puts me off. Legacy doesn't have that attitude, in my opinion. I guess I just don't forgive bad experiences too easily.

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It's kind of a weekly update with EMac hosted by CDSB. They take and answer questions weekly.
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I was excited to go throw today after watching this video - never tried a fan grip throwing a putter. Wow, what a difference! I actually parked a couple drives on short holes with my Summit, which was one of those revelations you get every so often starting out in this game.

Thanks Steve Rico, and Murder Mike.
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Originally Posted by MrGlass01 View Post
They are out, a cfr fundraiser disc. Lion may have some that's where I got mine and its tasty.
Originally Posted by 7ontheline View Post
Where are all the Legend Patriots at... I want one and thanks for the vid!
Any chance at an official or regular release like their other plastics?
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My favorite part is when he says it should go straight or slightly right and it fades left.
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Legacy rocks. Perhaps the next video(s) should be separated by each disc, maybe just a video with, for example, the Clozer being thrown in each available plastic, the next video the Rival being thrown in each available plastic and so on and so on.

When is the understable mid-range coming out???
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Back when they first started up, Latitude had video clips of Linus Astrom throwing their stuff. This stopped after the Medius, however.
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