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Default bluTDI09 form critique - please help

OK DGCR technique experts, I need some help. I have been playing pretty well recently, but having played with some people way better than me, I realized that I will only get to the next level by improving my teeshots. I injured my back earlier this year playing dg, so some of the things I am doing may be a result of that and some may be partially the cause. Either way, I am looking to improve my form to get some additional distance and consistency.

I recorded several sets of shots from the rear in regular speed and from the side in slow motion. I threw three midranges on each set and three drivers on each set: one flat, one hyzer, and one anhyzer. I have uploaded the videos grouped by shot type, so that you can see all the anhyzers together, etc. This should give a good picture of my throw in general, I think.

I don't know if you can see them in the videos, but I used a marking wheel and placed flags at 250, 300, 350, and 400 feet. The tree that I am throwing towards is about 410 feet. There was a very light left to right tailwind.




I am also curious whether this format of video is helpful for critique. It took a long time to edit, so if it is helpful I will continue to do them this way. Please have a look at my form and help me narrow down on specific things I can work on. Thanks!
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Excellent editing!

I looks like you're letting go of the disc instead of letting it rip out of your hand. You're a little off balance when pulling your disc and at the release. Be more in an athletic stance a little slouched over the disc.
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The editing is a bit overkill or the number of throws is overkill. I like the high speed side view although why didn't you do a rear view high speed shot? You reachback high and pull low = elbow alignment issues. Keep your whole arm/disc on plane to the shoulders and use your feet/spine to tilt the throwing plane. Also you pre-cock the wrist which means your muscles are tight and slow instead of letting momentum doing it keeping the muscles loose and fast. You are flat footed on the rear foot and firing the hips early before your spine gets braced on the front leg, so your weight transfer sequencing is not helping things. You should be turning back later coiling into the rear foot as you come down to plant. Lowering the reachback so you coil the throwing shoulder down into the rear foot/toes(no heel) should help. Once you get your spine braced on the closed front leg and hips cleared before firing the hips that will help keep the arm loose, on plane, and momentum can close your wrist.

This is good video for comparison. Watch them turning backwards later, and the disc moves forward later.

These will help:

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Thank you guys very much for the responses. I will take some time to watch those videos and digest your comments and then post back with questions to make sure I am understanding correctly.
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