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Originally Posted by alcstradamus View Post
My calories burned were calculated using a heart rate monitor, as stated.
Well you didn't actually state that anywhere, which is why I asked...

Originally Posted by alcstradamus View Post
And no, BMR would not be subtracted from that, which would be a little over 60 calories. Nobody subtracts BMR when talking about calorie expenditure, although I could see why you would want to.
I always factor in my BMR calories and subtract it out from the gross to calculate the number of calories actually burned from exercise. This is just one of the reasons that you shouldn't trust those "calories burned" figures displayed on most treadmills, rowers, ellipticals, etc. Even the ones with heart rate monitors usually just use generic formulas for calculation...

Originally Posted by alcstradamus View Post
400 may be a tad high, which would be due to the elevated heart rate caused by high heat and the tail-end effects of my EC stack. However, the fact that my cardiovascular fitness is very high I think my numbers would hold up for the "average" person.
I actually dug into this a bit more and was surprised that your numbers probably weren't that far off... take out BMR and figure 325-350 calories/hour burned from playing DG. Play 10 hours a week and you could burn up to an extra pound of fat per week, all other factors remaining the same.

Originally Posted by alcstradamus View Post
...This number is still good for the type of person who gets mind numbingly bored with exercise and would rather just play a fun and easy game for a couple of hours.
And that fits my mentality for this summer perfectly... even with a pretty complete full home gym in my basement I just didn't want to spend time there mindlessly trying to counteract the effects of sitting around all day. Disc golf has been both fun and challenging for me and improving has kept me motivated to keep getting out as often as possible, the exercise and weight loss has become a nice secondary side-effect instead of being the primary motivation.

Originally Posted by alcstradamus View Post
On a very hilly, challenging course I suspect the number could jump up closer to 500 calories per hour.

On a side note, for someone trying to build muscle and who is weary of doing too much cardio, disc golf would be a great muscle-preserving, low intensity cardio session that specifically targets fat stores at the 50-65% of maximum heart rate zone.
Great summary and wrap-up, thanks again for recording your findings and posting.
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I don't think of it as exercise, although I carry quite a bit in my bag and play some very steep courses at high altitude and at a fast pace. I'm 6-1' about 210lbs and have a well developed beer-gut!
It does get me out with my son and friends and it beats watching TV!
I think it can really be a motivator to push people into the gym so that they can see better results on the course. I'm going to really push hard this winter to drop 20-30 lbs and build up up my legs and core.
I think that as you get better and compete, this game can help you build a desire to be in better shape. I know that I will throw lower scores with more strength and flexibility.
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I've worn a Bodybugg while playing. According to it I burn like 350-400 calories an hour depending on the course.
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Come play in the Appalachains of East TN and you'll drop weight!
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Been there done that! I just like the lack of bugs.
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I dropped 50lbs a couple of years ago playing disc golf and counting calories, no more snoring, no more heartburn. I felt great. I have put 20 back on in the last 6 months due to excessive beer drinking and a knee injury keeping me off the Dg course, surgery coming in October and them I'm back in business. Never thought about a caffeine supplement prior to playing though, thanks for the info
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I played a round with strava running. Climbed 607 feet and burned approximately 700 calories for 18 holes. It was certainly a work out. I need to wear my HR monitor next time.
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Originally Posted by IHearChains View Post
I don't disagree with any of that. Didn't mean to insult your original post. Thanks for the effort putting it together! I just wish your nice analysis had been done on a tougher terrain, that's all. I'd hate anyone to have the impression that they can't get a good workout playing disc golf. Because like lots of things, you get out of it what you put into it. Run the hills twice or play speed golf or shovel the tees, or whatever, the options are there. Cheers!
We call Camden Two - The Stair Master

After about 50 rounds you start to get used to it.
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It all depends on how you play. The other day I played 1 18 round of speed golf in about 30 minutes give or take. Today I played two rounds with a group of 7 and we basically played a speed round with 7 people. On our second round we caught up to a group of three that started well before we finished our first round. Basically it was throw a drive(or two-three) grab bag, walk briskly to discs. Throw putt in or approach. walk briskly and hole out. Rinse and repeat. If you are constantly playing, you are moving. I know some people that take multiple breaks per round. Yes they are being active, but not at necessarily exercise level. You will be much more active playing disc golf than the person sitting on the couch.
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Originally Posted by Sprague16425 View Post
We call Camden Two - The Stair Master

After about 50 rounds you start to get used to it.
You guys have done great things with your course at Camden II. Such a workout playing a round!

I'm serious, if you want to get in a round at a great course with some excellent elevation, go there. Now.
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