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Originally Posted by BrotherDave View Post
Just b/c you can reach it with a putter or mid doesn't necessarily mean it's the best disc for the job. Play the %'s.

^This. I can throw my Wizards 300 ft., but I would not throw my wizard on that hole.
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On the internet I'd throw a putter about 37% power for my 45' come-backer for a par 2.

In a real life I'd throw a roadrunner.
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lucid truth
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Dude I'm throwing my ESP Comet all Day long for this hole. It would go straight down the middle with a very small fade at the end.
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Seeing as how I throw primarily RHFH, Discraft Zombee, hyzer with some power to turn it over. Or a Buzzz, hyzer with power.
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I throw a star Tbird super straight! Then I got a beat in star teebird kinda flippy. Champ Valk is a great in between disc. Also I throw a champion leopard big S or hyzer flip. I love my fairway drivers!!
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Under 350' I throw mids or a putter. I would throw a Roc3 at this...Maybe even a Pa1 depending on how it looks on the teepad.

For you though, if you don't quite have the distance yet, your Escape should be PERFECT for that shot!
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Originally Posted by rynehester View Post
I've been working on my fairway drivers. In my newbie days I would just load my bag up with high speed drivers close my eyes throw and wish for the best. I"m a little over a year and a half into disc golf and i've learned the importance of disc selection and discing down. I'm currently working through what fairway drivers I want to carry in my bag. I'm looking for straight and consistent. Here is what I tested out today; Champ Eagle, Opto Saint, F2, Escape, Vip Stag, and Star Valk. I've uploaded a pic of the shots i'm looking to make with these disc. It's a 310 foot drive with the pin slightly back to the left. The line is not to tight but you have to make a decent shot to get it there.
When it comes to slightly stable to slightly understable discs, I have a bit more side to side and wing angle accuracy with faster discs. If I have the headroom, I'll throw higher and slightly less stable (or wing up) to reduce the distance a faster disc might go so as to not blow by the basket.

It looks like a beat, star lepoard thown on the level and just skirting under the canopy would S-turn and land soft enough under the basket. Even if you ran it for an ace and kissed the chains, you'd have less than a 15' putt.
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Looks like a hole that many discs would work great one. Depending on ones power Id choose anything from a Buzzz, Roc or Axis to a teebird, eagle, volt, zombee. If the person is LHBH then Leopard, River, or Buzzz all day.
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