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Originally Posted by krupicka View Post
I dont' think this has nothing to do with how the TD report was filed. There are no ratings because the event has gone official (i.e. it is processed for the next ratings update). In this time between going official and the update, unofficial ratings are not visible. I thought Steve put a way to still see the ratings in this period, but I can't find that email.
I did. If the tournament director uploaded the results via the Tournament Manager prior to sending in the tournament report, the unofficial ratings would remain visible until the official ratings are uploaded. The tournament director for this event never uploaded the unofficial results via the Tournament Manager.
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Wow. Didn't expect this large of a jump.

Up 21 points to 952
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940 woo hoo!
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First update for me this year and I really took a heavy hit. Dropped from 916 all the way down to 915!
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Up a couple to 951.


Still waiting on some bad rounds to drop as well. My standard deviation is apparently gigantic.
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wow, worlds round ratings dropped over 20 points each round from unofficial to official for me. (except round #1). That blows. I was expecting them to be fairly close. That along with some weird timing issues left me with a 15 point increase to 928 instead of the expected 20 point increase to 933. Bummer.
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I'm still sitting at exactly where I was before (958), despite a bunch of new rounds. Ah well. I was actually expecting to go down a point or two, but it looks like my terrible 927 rated round was outside of a standard deviation. :P
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down a notch to 997... but I feel 1000 by year's end.
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What, did I check these 15 minutes before they went live?

A bigger jump than I expected. Up to 847. Up 15. The rounds from my last tournament came in about where I expected, first I'm seeing them, at 859. And, for the first time, I'm dropping old rounds from the calculation.

So, if I can find a tournament that offers it, I can get one more (at least) tournament in MA4. It would be nice to win a trophy in that division, before moving on. (I came oh so close - a four-hole tiebreaker that was then mis-handled with a CTP).

And, I'm still within reach, potentially, of fulfilling my main rating goal of the year - moving beyond MA4. I should be able to get at least one more tournament in this fall.
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my 8 rounds since average 1021.5
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