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Originally Posted by seehad View Post
It's been a few years since I watched these videos and read that thread. I used to get a nice audible snap from towels but it somehow stopped. It may be for other reasons, but I believe I've been trying to gain armspeed at elevation to make up for the more stable flights. After rewatching these videos I got out my trusty towel to test it out. The result? POP! Every time now. Now that I have that feeling back, I am starting to really feel power coming from my legs and hips kinetically chained to the whip.
See I can pop the hell out of a towel..however when I have a disc on my hand everything seems to change...at least I think I know how its supposed to feel now.....so when it comes back Ill know
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It just sucks because I had it and I think Im doing the same thing but obviously Im not....
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I'm been getting 350 now consistently in the last few days by letting my wrist stay very loose through my turn and pull. It snaps by itself when I squeeze the disc hard.

I've heard and seen in clinics and online from pros about if you should keep your wrist locked or loose. I found a video on youtube with David Wiggins who says you should keep the wrist very loose.


That just worked for me. If I don't do that my max for a flat line drive pull is about 310. With the little wrist wriggle I'd adding 40 feet. I'm also using 3 fingers because it's easier to keep the nose down and my wrist is loosing so it's easier to feel the bounce.
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