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Also filmed this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L3T5Jne1qo0
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:O So...clean...
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Haha thanks. Got one more coming. Someone suggested I film at a higher FPS so I'm going to try this same thing with a high speed camera.
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In that stand still video - first throw in 1/8 speed - you can really see the acceleration because the disc is basically clear, clear, enters chest area and is blurry. Really great stuff seeing it just blast off based on being the leaver at the end of that hit.
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Great stuff! Thanks so much Mike C. and Sidewinder22. I'm still trying to implement some of the advice you guys and others have given on these boards, and these videos just re-inforce what I need to do, and make me believe I'm on the right track.

My main problem is not getting my lower body into the throw. Last two times I've played I really focused on that, and have seen some decent results. I can see how that works for you guys in these videos. I really need to get my hip forward, pointing slightly up, transition my pivot foot from the toes to the heel and transition power smoothly into the disc with control. You can really see that the technique is driving the disc forward, not some kind of big arm strength pull through.
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well, i went out and kept one main thing in mind that i immediately saw in this video - the turn to 180 away from your target. i used to do that and stopped, was throwing more like 135 degrees and then reached my arm back. i didn't have good technique at that point so i started working on other things, like throwing from a standstill.

now i focused not so much on my hips, but on full rotation away from the target. i opened my foot away from the target; it's something i will work on more, but not as important as full reachback right now IMO.

ANYWAY, my field session today was great. i had a about a 10mph head/tailwind while i was throwing on the football field. it died down as evening came around.

broke 500 for the first time ever. kind of a big deal for me. yeah, i had a tailwind on that throw. only like 10mph. paced it off after the field ended at 512.

i kept throwing; the Pds were going 330-420 and the x nuke, sword, DD frenzy were going 380-460.

before this, i was maxing with the PD around 380-400. 400 was a great, great rip for me. so thanks for reminding me of what i was doing wrong; the second i saw the first vid i remembered.
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Thanks Mike!!
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