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i'd honestly like to play with all the peeps around here in MN. i've played with a few including guurn, dinosaur thunder and elmdexla. all good guys. i'd like to have more people to play with regularly outside of leagues.
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An excellent thread to revive. My earlier post came true:

Originally Posted by DavidSauls View Post
Flyboy.....because it would probably mean that I finally made it to Flyboy. (That, or Kelly made it to Stoney Hill). Though I did play with him once, in a tournament at neither of our courses.
Or, at least, the parenthetical part, as Kelly visited us last year. So I've played with Flyboy, but still haven't made it to Flyboy.
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I'd like to play with a crapload of you guys:

Big Country (Andy)
Uncle Three Putt
The Bros
MB (where is MB?)
Kelly at Flyboy...heck, ANYBODY at Flyboy
Bill at Flip. (Does he ever play his own course?)
David at Stoney Hill
My DGCR friends, of course (some I've mentioned here)

I'm sure I'm forgetting some of you....
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any punk or troll that talks ****....and I wanna school them on the course
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Any and everybody here. Now that would be truly interesting.
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Originally Posted by BigSky View Post
Bill at Flip. (Does he ever play his own course?)
Leagues and some Tourneys like ice bowl.

It wasn't until my second year of Leagues that i actually played with him
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Playing with any of you Illinois chuckers would be a treat.
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Anyone I have traded/bought from/sold to. Anyone who legitimately throws 500+, anyone who could beat me that can't throw 350 haha

And Justin from community! From all the orders and note cards I received, I think he'd be a cool guy to throw with.
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the real - sidewinder
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Originally Posted by Romans 5-8 View Post
the real - sidewinder
I second that!!!
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