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Well i played yesterday,

My best round was my second- shot a 59 at Mt. Airy and my other 3 rounds were 61,61, 62. consistand and i was super tired by the end of the day. Walked about 6-7 miles.
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Played OK overall but was not satisfied as my drives kept hitting trees and I kept missing putts, although they were long putts.

Highlight of the day was making a putt for 3 where I was crouching under a bush and had a really narrow poopy look. I made a total wrist shot right on the money and felt good about turning that crappy lie into gold.

Made all my short putts today so I feel good about that.
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shot a few negative, bogey free rounds at an easy course today. was busy focused on skating mostly today
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Drives were ok, putting was really good, and went -3 and -4 at my local 9 (-4 ties my best there). Played with a couple high school kids and showed em how it's done, yo.
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Personal best at one of my home courses. Can't complain.
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59(944) 66(894) won my first event today! Osage Grove C-tier rec division.
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Wish I had played better. Shot an 80 at Bailey for the first round of the Bloom. Won my card but 16 over par is not gonna get me top ten in MA2. I'll be lucky to not be on bottom card.
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Like a bauss. Still out, haven't been able to throw since last Sunday....again. Driving like a champ, parked my anode at the valley on hole 1 short. Who needs mids?
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Sprayed drives a bit for a while before I got in under control. Putted above average. Bagged 2 new 9 hole courses today, so that was fun. Overall a decent day.

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Standing by the tee for hole 10 at Kaposia today, I got drilled square in the back of the head by someone's errant drive on 9. A star Xcal, specifically, on a 185 foot hole. I had no idea it was coming.
I'll have you know that I remained on my feet and I shed not a single tear. I finished the round though I do have a nice bump there now.

Perhaps though, I have a concussion? How else can I explain seven birdies, a six, and three fives? It was an up and down day, but I'm glad I got to play kaposia one more time before the Majestic.
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