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Originally Posted by onemilemore View Post
I've got a 162 and a 165 in my sale thread right now if you're interested. I found the Switch and Amp to overlap a bit at my power level, but I got much more control from the Switch. It's also sneaky long.

I have no discgolf money atm.
Go Giants!
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Compared to the Switch I feel like the Amp is all around more neutral. For me the Amp would just like to flip into a line and hold until late in the flight. The Switch has more turn and fade for it's speed. I only have one Switch, but it flies different from my Amps. MVP/Axiom's only real overlap so far imo is the Servo/Crave...All of the other discs are quite different even if they have similar stability ranges.
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I forgot about this MVP disc.

Who is throwing it still and any competition from the newer slow/fast releases?

I never clicked with the amp early on but feel like mine was always a bit on the OS side and preferred the HSS of the volt. I feel like the crave has become how I used my FR amps.
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I'm with Discspeed with the Amp/Switch comparison.

I've got a non-first run Amp, it was fairly stable new, but I can hyzer-flip it to close to 350 on some throws now. So, doing field work where I'm unloading all my drivers, some sets the Amp is the longest disc (but that's usually if I miss on the Star Terns.)

It's actually pretty similar to a fairly new max wt. Inertia I'm working with right now. But I don't know if it's in jeopardy or not. The 168 Inertia I had, once broken in, was a different animal.

I tell you, as it's gotten more miles on it, this Amp is not unlike a solid Star Beast.
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I don't carry my Amp every round, but it goes with me on travels. I love to throw it at less than full power on 300ish straight holes or slight L to R bends.
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I'd have to say that, as well as things work out when I do throw it, that mine is probably underutilized.
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My 172 N Amp is one of my best discs. It's just a hair oversable and doesn't turn over very easily. It'll hold almost any line all the way.

How everyone talks about the Tangent being a point and shoot disc. That's what the Amp is for me except in fairway driver form.
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Amps play a significant role in my bag. Mine are all FRs and sit between my beat FR Volt (which is about where I think a new Amp should be) and my newer N Volt. Between Volts and Amps, my FDs are completely covered (except for the utility role which is held by the Resistor.) My primary E Volt is very Teebird-ish so it occupies that stable to slightly OS slot and holds up really well in Oklahoma winds. I haven't really clicked with the slower FDs from MVP/Axiom so they haven't replaced my Volt/Amp combo (aside from the aforementioned Resistor.)

I primarily use the Amps for more technical holes as they tend to lock onto whatever line I put them on. Mine don't flip easily unless there is a headwind but they also don't fade out too much. They are more like a Volt that has lost it's LSS before it's HSS. I've got a stormtrooper that is my most accurate driver in my bag. At 300', it's straight and has a fade of about 5'-8'. Definitely one of my most treasured discs.
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