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Originally Posted by toothyfish View Post
When you throw S shots w/ a Gazelle, do you give it a slight anny release and aim a touch higher to make sure it fades back bigger? I get caught with my DX turning too much and my 11X/CFR Gazelles not turning enough...
Yeah, either a slight anny or I'll force it over, it just depends on how things seem to be going that day. More height will help a lot, too.

or an Orion LF on the same line depending on how much height/room I have over there
Good point, the OLF might come out for me, too.
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Thanks for the link Toothy


Short, ESP wasp to the left of the tree, hopefully drop in for duece.

Long: Star sidewinder, gonna try and S it to fade towards the tree from left to right. If thrown well it goes around 350, so hopefully i'm getting a bird, but looks like an easy 3 (at least on the photo where the early brush is cleared off) since it seems open, and most drives should leave a relatively short (under 150) approach to the basket
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Short: Hyzer flip Roc
Long: Katana Anny-flex
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Wow those bottom two pictures are very different.
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Originally Posted by Swisher Streets View Post
Wow those bottom two pictures are very different.
I checked a few times, that's how they are labelled. Obviously, some revisions have been made, and some brush cleared out. Plus, it looks like different seasons, too.
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I've played this hole too many times to count and it's always the same.

Short Tee - Either power spike a wasp or buzzz with a slight hyzer and let it come back or take a fairway like a stalker or teebird and take a little off and let it hyzer in.

Long Tee - Like the pictures suggest, sometimes they don't manicure the trees between the teepads so it gets a little tighter on occasion. It's longer than you would think so if your going to make a run...I would use something stable and just throw it down the right hand side and hope it doesn't turn over.

The only thing I wouldn't do is throw anything left like an anny. It's alot more open to the right side than you would think and the basket about 15 feet to the right of the big tree.

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From the shorts:

Destroyer Sidearm


Destroyer flex shot
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Corto: La Nebulosa recta con fade

Largo: El Halo en curva en S
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Once again, play the long tees noodle arm. I am thinking that I would probably take my Surge and let it fade nicely behind that tree that is supposedly guarding the basket. Then again my Surge has started to get a little stable so I might have to go get a new one to play this hole.

If you force me to play the short tees it is either going to be a Stalker or a Buzz depending on how I am throwing both at the time. Right now Stalker would be way long so I would have to throw the Buzzz.
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drinkoo de mayo
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