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Originally Posted by buzzinb View Post
I would flick a gold Rapala #5 in the deeper pools...oops, I mean I'd flick a Banshee like Solomon but hopefully only once
I read "LHBH" as "left-handed backhand".
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I wouldn't be able to play here because my game is so smokin'.

From the long tee I would throw my baby (Beat 11X Champ Teebird) on an anhyzer around the corner. It would be a thing of beauty. As soon as it got around that corner it would straighten out a little and just float another 250' up the fairway.

From the short I would also throw my baby, but flat. She would turn a tiny bit all the way up to under the pin.
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Just a guess, looks like a putter or stingray from the white, maybe a backhand roller with a cheetah or wraith from the black.
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Originally Posted by Vegan Ray View Post
I read "LHBH" as "left-handed backhand".
Yep, my bad--same disc selection only it is.
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On either shot I'm going to throw something flippy. From the shorts, RHBH I'm probably going to toss out a Leopard. From the longs, I'd like to have a Roadrunner turn over and coast into the thicket of trees. Both discs turn over well for me and create that dogleg right pattern
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From the black I'm going to try to hyzer flip a Stratus with as much juice on it as I can muster.

From the white I'm throwing a Stalker I'm going to guess, not knowing the real distance.

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Once again, I'm breaking out the #2 Slice! In this case maybe just a skosh of any, just to help it out.
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Whatever bot is picking this HOD needs it's batteries pulled.... Upgrade to the HAL already.... "Daisy, Daaaiiiisssyyyyy"


I'd probably throw a Wasp or a R-pro pig on the dog-leg tee
On the straighter one, I'd probably go for a San Marino Roc (heavy) or a Stalker....

I'd throw a practice shot in the woods to take a quick smoke on my pipe tobacco <--I'm serious...just tobacco
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I am thinking a Star Leopard, with jsut a touch of anny on it to hit that tree gap on the right and have it keep going right, RHBH.
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