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It's difficult to tell from the pics. From Toothy's description, it would either be a RHFH with Predator or Xcal depending on just how long the disc needed to travel prior to the turn.
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From the pics I cant tell what I would do. The mental picture I have suggests a putter placement shot to the turn of the dog leg. From there, no idea, probably a Buzzz to the basket. Then putt.
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fh firebird. i will probably be the one to hit the wire
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I simply don't have a forehand.

So it's a RHBH Meteor for me.
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The angle on that right turn looks a bit tight to go for an anny shot. I could see this opening drive being brutal, except for those damn leftys....

As for me, I'd try to flick a nice FH up and around. I'd use a Wraith, as that is my current FH disc. Depending on the distance achieved, I'd go for a nice solid shot with a Roc, or if I was short, bust out the TL, Teebird, or maybe the Stalker.

Looks very challenging, and very fun!
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hey, I have a DVD with this hole (I believe the 06 skylands classic off the top of my head). Watching the top guys play, I think I am the gutsy guy (like doss or orum in the vid, who is confident in their rollers) who would roll the long position hoping to be at the base of the cliff. If I hit something, it would likely be a one step or stand still challenger shot from there.
In the short, either a forehand with a pred or a backhand anny with a trashed D wasp, I would have to see it in person.
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I might just throw a Leopard off the tee with a little anny or something to fade towards the right, RHBH.
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I think I'm trying a roller from the longs...not a lot of other options for me...hyzer flip the snot out of a stratus?

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