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A private course that is well maintained, has all the amenities you'd expect from a "ball golf country club" type facility, and a lighted course for night players... I'd drop a hefty monthly fee to have access to that year-round.
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destruction of private property and illegal drug use are good enough reasons to get any course pulled..and this coming from the "professionals"...interseting to see what happens because i know names after a few phone calls..
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something i forgot to add...i have never heard of "happy stoners" trashing things...another instance where legal alcohol is more dangerous than illegal ganja
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Originally Posted by Tarazarr View Post
Whens the last time you attended a college football game? How was that 75.00 ticket?
i've got pretty good seats and face value is only 40 bucks...you must be going to notre dame games or something...
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Originally Posted by FRIZZLE TOSSLER View Post
Hello Disc dog. I have a question for you.... would you call the cops on your local course if you saw or smelt someone smoking weed ("turn them in")? I have never heard of a cop going to a course... finding someone smoking weed and proceed to arrest the rest of the people on the course...(maybe in Utah or Nevada where weed is still "hyper-illegal" or depending on how uninformed and uneducated your local cops are) that is just illogical and a MAJOR waste of the cops time and taxpayers money. I know the "LAW" might make you guilty by association, but please.... how far away (distance wise) do you have to be from people smoking marijuana to be "gulity from association" Once this fear is alleviated and people become more educated (less ignorant) about marijuana this world will be a much better place. Marijuana tax laws could potentially pay for every newly erected disc golf course..... doesn't everyone want more and more well designed disc golf courses?

If you are gunna burn one down, just try to be discreet about it... ALWAYS ask a stranger if they are OK with it and if they aren't it is no big deal, just play on.
No I would not turn them in and I did not turn the ones in I was talking about. What good would it do? The Cops would most likely not show anyway.

My point is this.. as long as this is an illegal activity (I am not going to argue the whether there are any merits to it) then the practice of it should not be pushed on others nor should I be expected to have to deal with it by others. If it is a public place keep the stuff to yourself!!! Also my point is not how for away I may be if a bust happens or if I had knowledge of it but rather the rude and selfish behavior that I should just shut up and accept it as inevitable.

As long as it is illegal, and it effects our game adversely, then do not gripe when people in positions of authority shut down courses or refuse to build new ones.
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IMO it's about being a good neighbor. I know one course where somebody whose property backs onto the course is a complete @ssh0le and who would love nothing better than to get the course pulled. If he saw anything illegal going on, he'd call the cops in a heartbeat - and hate as I do to say it, he'd have the right! So the cops come, and the course gets a rep for being a hangout for dopers and drunks or whatever, and before you know it, a group of "concerned citizens" comes up before the planning commission and our tee pads and baskets are history!

What's the fix? Like so many have said in this thread, if ya wanna do it, do it AT HOME. Don't bring it out where others can have a snit fit about it - just avoid the problem altogether by doin yer doins in private.

And oh, by the way, are you gonna throw that thing or are you just standing there enjoying the scenery ;-)
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