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Originally Posted by Midnightbiker View Post
I tried alot of putters, before I settled on the one I know use.
Yes, he did... as anyone on this forum for more than a month or so can attest.
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At the 2009 Memorial, I was lucky to purchase a 10th time Champion Tee-bird, (less domey than the 11th time). Several of my friends really liked the disc and I was considering trading it to one of them for something else. Well, the very next day on hole 2 at Fountain Park, I pulled out the Tee-bird for a lefty backhand hyzer shot over the water. Well, the 10th time surely held up to its name, flipping up flat and staying straight for the longest time, so long in fact it never hyzered over right and just sailed a good 300+ft straight into the water. That was my first and last shot with my new Tee-Bird.
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It seems from this thread that I have the great fortune to be learning how to play on courses that don't really have any major water hazards.
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My brother and I were playing at Highland Park in Baton Rouge and he threw his driver (Not sure what it was) off the tee on #6?? Anyway he really catches it and it looks to be headed for a landing pin high and a little left. We get up to the area and his disc has gone into a kind of culvert with an opening on each side a grate on the top. we can clearly see the disc a few feet down but there is no way to get to it. So he knows right where it is and feels like he should be able to get it but can't. He was pissed.
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so if I'm picturing it right its basically stuck a few feet down behind a drain grate. He could try getting a broomstick handle and putting a long nail or two in the end of it to try and fish it out. Thats how I used to retrieve street hockey balls that went down the grates.
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Originally Posted by ERicJ View Post
Yes, he did... as anyone on this forum for more than a month or so can attest.
OK, I feel the need to explain myself. For along time, I wasn't sure if I made a bad shot if it was me or the disc. That is one of the reasons I have tried so many discs. I did how ever keep find myself coming back to the Soft Magnet over and over. It just seems to work and work well. I have decided to stick with it for good. I now use a 172 for putting and a 167 for approaches. I want to thank you again Eric for that Soft Magnet. That thing is the best approach disc I have ever used
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I got a call from a dude last Thursday, he said he found my Skeeter (lost in the Wisconsin River last fall). He agreed to meet me at the course to return my disc on Saturday, which he did. I have a Champ Orc that I'm not strong enough to throw, and offered it to him in thanks for the return. He accepted, and the beat goes on. I wish it always turned out this way.
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