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Default Nighttime Disc Golf

Some buddies of mine and I are planning our 1st night time disc golf expedition tomorrow night. I was just curious as to any tips you guys might have. We are planning on just getting some 1.5 inch glow sticks and taping them to the bottom of the disc, but I really have no experience with things like this, so if you have any better ideas i would love to hear them.
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I know that Black Jax Sports make something called an Aeropod, which is a l.e.d. pod intended to be attached to a disc.
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When you tape the glow sticks make sure to use a good tape, packaging tape or something. We tried this once and the only complaint I had was that initially the tape we were using was terrible and the glow sticks kept falling off.
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Good advice here:

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be prepared for the fuzz....
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i've never had problem with cops out on a dg course at night.

my only advice would be to use your champion discs if you plan on taping the glow sticks to the bottom of the disc, if youre using star plastic i'd put one on top and one on bottom just incase it flips over. use clear packing tape.

i know at the academy here in arlington you can buy small l.e.d.'s about the same size as the small glow sticks youre talking about and you just push down on the top to light it and pull it back out to turn it off. they work really well.

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we play every weekend here in the Woodlands TX. This is how we do it and we have lost no disc.

we light up the baskets with those chem light bracelets - I found tubes of 12each at Target for a buck a piece. Just weave 2-3 in the chains of each basket. I Bought every tube Target had.

We buy these little mini chem lights as mentioned above from the fishing section of Walmart, they come in a 4pack for about 4 bucks. 1.5 inch chem lights you attach to your fishing line. We tape those to the bottom side of Champion plastic and to the top side of other plastic, make sure you put it perfectly in the middle of the disc and it will not affect the flight. We use heavy duty clear packing tape and clean the disc real well before taping the light to it.

We only use 4 disc - 2 drivers 1 mid 1 putter

We play from about 8:30pm to about 1am and as long as we are NOT raising hell out there and getting loud, we don't have a problem. It's a whole new game and you'll be addicted immediately! Putting becomes something you do by feel - all outside distractions are gone - senses are heightened - kind of like walking through a room in pitch black.

I prefer night golf now - we've been doing it for about 6 weeks every Fri and Sat night.

Odd thing is - youd think it would be harder to find your disc - but it's actually much easier to find a shot that veered off the fairway than it is in broad daylight.

Full moons do make it a little harder to see your glowing disc, but not that much

Good luck - you'll love it
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I've used LEDs from Radio Shack and watch batteries. Taped to the exact center on the bottom of a clear disc, you can see them forever, even underwater
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The little bobber lights you get a Wally World or Academy or whatever are tons better. They run 2.50 a light but they last for a while.
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