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Thumbs up Arboretum / Spiker Park in Canton, Ohio

I wanted to make a thread dedicated to this course, since I was clogging up another members thread discussing the new pin placement for hole 4.

Currently going on at Arboretum is the addition of new pin placements for certain holes. Holes 4 and 6 have gotten their new positions, with 4's going back into the woods another 80-100', and 6 has a new placement near the bridge and one further back by the pond you throw over when shooting 7 short. Here are some photos showing off 4's new pin placement (The original placement has the basket in the middle of the hill about 40' up from where the elevation starts)...

View from teepad - http://imgur.com/NbWQS.jpg
View from mid-fairway - http://imgur.com/95B72.jpg
Looking straight at the original placement - http://imgur.com/JhSH1.jpg
Looking at the new placement standing to the right of the old - http://imgur.com/h2auQ.jpg

Final stretch

Makes for a tricky par 3. In addition to all the trees in play, the basket sits on a hill.

There are similar plans in the works for hole 3. I've heard them talking about putting a basket about 80' up and to the left of the current placement, with a similar placement installed on the right possibly. I don't know of specific plans for any other holes but if I hear about them I'll post about them. The goal is to make the course more challenging for the advanced players that frequent it, from what I understand.
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I was thinking about some alternate pin placements during my rounds today.
Of course I would prefer to see new baskets in the current positions, then maybe use the old baskets for alternate pins if possible.
Anyway a few thoughts:

Hole #2 could be placed further back and over to the left adding some more uphill distance and angle.
I agree that #3 could be tucked further back into the trees.
The #6 placement near the pond over #7 is a sonofabitch to my confidence, leave it alone.
#8 is long and challenging for me already, but a pin about 75' to the right could be interesting.
#10 could be tucked behind the huge bush.
Not much I can think of about the rest aside from adding distance, but that's what the pro tees are for.

Good topic, I'm still relatively new to the game but I've played Arboretum so much over this past season that pars have become easily attainable on practically every hole from the short tees for me. Granted I still finish around +4/+5 during a round of at least 19 holes, but pars are commonplace with a birdie or two here and there.
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I like the change for 4, looks like its will be a tough hole.

6 I thouht always had those alternate placements; but I dont know what it really accomplishes other than making you think when throwing over the pond, not to throw too hard and go in the next pond down/other half of the pond

Only thing I'd be cautious of is the continued added distance. I mean, its probably great for big arms but another Deis Hill would be a turn off for new players or just players that cant throw 400+' *cough*. I guess you could send them down the road to Massilon, but Canton is a bit better IMO.

They still planning on adding those extra holes?
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From what I know most people are more concerned with getting the baskets replaced than they are getting the new holes. But I do know there are a couple of proposed designs floating around for the new holes, just nothing concrete yet.
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Originally Posted by Mike C View Post
From what I know most people are more concerned with getting the baskets replaced than they are getting the new holes.
Hits the nail on the head.
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#4's pin was in that spot for the Hall of Chains tournament back in May. It makes for a tough hole but is really crappy for tournament play since it is a hole that 3 is now a good score on then you have to walk 350' back down the fairway to #5's tee. In the tournament there was a 5 group back up on it when my group got there. Nothing like a nice 35 minute cool down in the middle of a tourney! That pin position is nice and definitely makes the hole harder but does not really fit the flow of the course.
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#4 was already harsh for me. i've played the course three times and my scores on #4 before they moved the pin were 3, 5 & 6. tough hole!
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