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I have played that course many times. I love that course! For this hole I usually throw my Champ Viking. A nice easy throw and it fades back to the left. Usually you get a decent enough skip and gets really close to the basket. Reasonable to birdie this hole. Most of the holes on this course are equally wooded.
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Originally Posted by zenbot View Post
I threw a Stalker for the first time yesterday. I liked it better than the Leopard.
Glow Stalks are tits.
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looks like a good shot for my star valk.
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today i would throw a blurr!
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Originally Posted by Frank Delicious View Post

Hole length 338'

Looking at other pics, it looks like you tee off from the right and back of that shed in the pic.

I would throw a comet or an easy eagle depending on the exact line.
338 ft. flat, I would throw my putter 4 times and hope to make a Par 3......lol.
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Looks like a surge teebird hole.
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That is right in my awkward range. I would probably have to power down on a PD or CD or crush a roc, but the first option is more likely.
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Default Bringin' 'Em Back!!

I thought it might be fun to restart an old HOD just for fun, to see what different throws and discs are mentioned from the time the thread was started.

Any takers?

I'll go first, throwing a Star Leopard (yeah, the same one I've thrown for almost every HOD in the past month).
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Maybe my Champ Eagle, flat or very little anny. Should have some good fade and skip to get within 30-40 feet.
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Nice bump! I'd go Orbital.
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