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Saying Innova's made up 4 number system is superior to Discraft's made up 1 number system is like saying it goes to 11.
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I'm down with the sickness!
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This guy throws nothing but Wraiths...

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Originally Posted by Craton View Post
...I actually wish they'd do a second stamping on all their discs, with the PLH rating on it...
Originally Posted by Triflusal View Post
Sorry craton, I don't think that PLH thing is plasible
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I like the numbers on there so you don't have to look them up. Imagine it is a bit more beginner minded but it helps with discing down/comparisions and when selling used stuff as well.

Having it stamped on the back would be the preferred location though.
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Almost all online shops have the numbers on the page and Hazy Shade even prints out the numbers and has them on the rack right under the disc displayed. No real need to look them up. Also, different armspeeds, grips and throwing styles produce different flight numbers than the disc is issued.
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I actually like having the flight numbers on the disc, although if it could be done on the back side of the disc, that would be even better.
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Skip the flight numbers and just give me DX stamps on all the plastics--at least Champ. I really dig some of the designs, and would love to throw a Star Destroyer with the DX Stamp. I just bought Champ Eagles with and with out the numbers on them and--get this--they aren't different. The one with the numbers just looks cooler.

Then again, I'm a numbers geek...
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Originally Posted by Mad Scientist View Post
Oh, I know that it's completely implausible to stamp PLH numbers. I was just doing a one-two joke on the current fad of checking PLH, and Innova's killer inconsistency.

As for the "going up to 11" joke, I was floored. And now I want that a disc dyed with Intravenus de Milo on my Archon or Wraiths...
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Originally Posted by GLong View Post
another for the stupid flight numbers

I see a lot of n00bs writing them on the discs. I don't know why Innova felt compelled to put it on the disc. The people that want them will write them on.
I found a Pro Firebird Candy/CE/Champ plastic that was in 9/10 condition inked to HELL and back, one ink marking was the flight numbers

Just sold for 21.50 on eEbay.

By the way, What do you call a Pro Champion Firebird ? Just curious. I've had two of them.
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