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Theres a couple holes that I always throw a roller on. The courses I play the most just aren't very roller friendly. I throw backhand, and need lots of room . I throw them for distance on long open holes. A good roller for me goes 350, a good drive for me only goes 300.
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i love rollers, cant throw them the greatest but its an awesome shot. i watched a video wher nicko lacastro said that being able to throw a good roller is what seperates the amateurs from the pros. after seeing some amazing rollers in person i believe it has some truth. most of us can throw a roller to some degree, but only some can throw them great. sall about the practice, its a great get out of trouble shot thats for sure
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Originally Posted by Travis1010 View Post
Theres a couple holes that I always throw a roller on. The courses I play the most just aren't very roller friendly. I throw backhand, and need lots of room . I throw them for distance on long open holes. A good roller for me goes 350, a good drive for me only goes 300.
It's exactly the same for me--a well executed roller with go past a good drive on an open hole. Oh and they're just fun to throw!
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Do you guys intentionally use OAT in your rollers? I'm a mega n00b at rollers and I pretty much have to use some bad OAT to throw one.
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i lean back and follow through low, like i'm throwing a super exaggerated anhyzer
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goal of the game : get the disc into the basket with the least throws possible.

You get no points for esthetics or for how much your throw pleases Donovan. Therefore I'll throw what works, not what some roller nazis want me to throw.
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I'm fairly new to disc golf and am really surprised to find "purist" who would diss someone for using a legal and often very effective shot. I always considered disc golfers laid back types just looking to have a good time playing an unconventional sport, not judgemental holier than thou types.

I ran into this type of purist thought often in the ten years I was a flyfishing guide. Some clients would show up and tell me they were dry fly "purist" and if they couldn't catch fish on the surface they didn't care about catching them. A dry fly is a fly that floats so the fish must rise to the surface to eat it. Topwater fishing is exiting because you get to see all the action. Some feel that that dry fly fishing is the only "pure" form of the sport and using sinking flys(called wet flys or nymphs) is not "real" flyfishing. Some take it as far they will only cast upstream to fish they see rise first and some will only use old bamboo rods instead of new vastly superior high-speed graphite. To each his own I guess.

The dry fly purists are correct that the upstream cast with an unweighted fly IS more aesthetically beautiful to watch then someone flicking out a weighted fly and fishing it downstream. The object however is to catch fish. What I found from most of the "purist" I guided was they just didn't know how to fish subsurface and most were not very good casters and a weighted fly is easier to tangle so they got frustrated trying at some point and just gave up on this part of their "game". I guess it was easier for them to dismiss a vastly effective style of fishing as impure yhen to spend some time practicing. Bummer for them that fish feed subsurface most of the time and the largest trout will rarely expend the energy to rise to the surface to eat a tiny bug. Once I explained this to them and showed them how to fish with wet flys and how to cast without tangling so often they were suddenly catching more and much larger fish. They changed their tune then and lightened up on the "I'm a dry fly purist" BS.

In the beginning there was only ROCK...till someone invented the wheel...and then things began to ROLL! So rock and roll brothers and if you wanna roll a roc have at it.
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i throw rollers with a discraft xpress around 450......my regular drive is topping out at 400, all i do is throw a really high and hard anhyzer and let the disc roll out it almost flexes out just like a regular shot.... i also really enjoy throwing flick rollers with my rhynos... they go so straight and i can control the distance and accuracy under 150'
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I have nothing against rollers. I actually grabbed the wrong disc, and accidentally threw one the other day. Fun to watch. But the few times I've tried them I couldn't control them at all. Seems like a shot that needs a decent amount of practice to learn. Plus I suspect the roots and rocks at our NC courses might make it a tough shot to control.
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