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I putt with my finger on the outside edge i don't have beaded putters
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^Always seems to pop in to set it straight
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Makes you wonder if paul read the whole thread, or just searched his name to see whats being said. if its the first option. makes me wonder, is he not saying anything becuase we are right? or becuase he cant stop laughing. lol

either way it took me a while to figure out the whole push put limited spin thing.
but i was sitting watching tv with my putter in my hand..yes i know im addicted...and was just kinda bouncing the disc in my hand with my putting grip and it popped out much further than normal a few times and went right out to the basket..

so now its a drill i do to get the muscle memory. and i think paul is more of a SPUSH putter. just sayin.

it all comes down to practice..
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Originally Posted by PMcBeth View Post
I putt with my finger on the outside edge i don't have beaded putters
Ha! That's pretty funny. Didn't expect the man himself to jump on this thread.

I know that Feldberg and Nikko at least putt with their finger on the bead. Everything else I've said on this thread is still applicable and has been a big help to my putting game.
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Originally Posted by Aim For The Chains View Post
So much this. I putt like I do b/c of this video + watching Nikko. It's just a pitch, like tossing bricks underhand.
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