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Fling That Frisbee Article

Mcbeast shared this on facebook and gave a shout out to the writer for mentioning him.

But what shocked me was how little he was saying the income of professional players was. I mean Avery Jenkins only cashed 7,000 bucks in 2013? I know he made money in other ways, but still.

Anyways, an interesting read. I thought I would pass it on. I think it would spark some good convo.

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It's an interesting article, written from the perspective of the skeptic who knows what a frisbee is but has no idea about the sport with which it's imperative that doesn't require a partner.

Despite the obvious derision the writer conveys in the article, I think this is a good thing. It's press. Getting the word out. It's letting people know that there's a sport out there that you can play with a frisbee by yourself. The fact that the "top pros" don't/can't live on the income they make from it is irrelevant to the fact that they still play despite the lack of "big money." It underscores the fun of the game. Most sports started the same way -- grassroots-type efforts which extolled the virtues of the enjoyment had by those who dared to partake in a new-fangled sport -- only we have the interwebs to promote ours, so hopefully it won't take as long to get disc golf the financial backing it needs to allow our top competitors the rewards for game perfection as it did Dr. James Naismith to get Kobe that eight-figure deal.

Not that big paydays for our pros is the point. Big money doesn't always equal big interest and vice-versa. The point is preaching the virtues and benefits of disc golf. Whether it's for money, for competition, for weight-loss, or just good old-fashioned family fun, letting people know it's a cheap way to get themselves and/or the kids out of the house for a walk through the park is an awesome deal. I'm onboard.
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"When I came on the scene, there was no scene." --John Kirkland, 67, 1976 World Champion.

Great line.
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