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Firebird for short FH rollers, out of trouble.
Condor for mid-length rollers, mainly BH, but FH/Thumber as well
Vulcan for max distance rollers (rarely use)

I am INCREDIBLY inconsistent with there. Decent with Firebird ones, but they are normally under 50', so not as big a deal.
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"ART" is exactly right.

Rollers are not a science they are an art. I don't know why this is. It's all about feel and touch.
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I find great pleasure in walking up to the tee with a 12 year old cracked rim circle stamp stingray and arcing that baby onto its right side on the left side of the fairway and watching it roll considerably further and end up in better position than a competitor who tried to flex over there big boy disc and unable to work the disc into submission. Its ok to think and throw out of box. What a great game we play.
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I had a little ego boost when playing a round with local MA1 and Open players. On a pretty open 550'+ hole I threw a huge sky roller with a beat Viking and outdrove/rolled everyone. It was parked at the old basket position, about 380'.

That was my first time trying to roll that Viking, I'd say it went well! I also roll a Roadrunner and Pro Leopard, and FH roll w/overstable discs - Drone, Firebird, those I throw right at the ground.

Anyone have tips for thumb rollers? I've seen 'em done (see: the recent Disc Golf Monthly) and my brain refuses to make sense of the motion when I see it done.
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I throw both.....for fun. In a field.

I can throw a backhand roller further than any drive, but I rarely play a hole where there's enough to be gained by it, to overcome the risk of it going awry. And a roller that goes awry can penetrate incredible distances into very serious trouble.

I'm more accurate with shorter forehand rollers, but mostly use them to get out of jams and bad lies.

I've played tournaments with a guy who throws a forehand roller everywhere imaginable, and even some unimaginable places. It's crazy. And intimidating, when the moment comes that I have to comtemplate throwing one myself.
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Fact, Roadrunner is best roller disc.
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more roller ramblin

I have had a hard time finding the sweet spot on trying to get a roadrunner on that perfect angle it seems to always end up cut rolling or i torque that sucker over to much and it goes to the right on an undesirable line. I wish that innova would make dx roadrunner because i find it easier to roll dx discs than non,probably in my head tho. I just need to get to that pratice field and do my thing i guess. I really am liking dx leopards for rollers that dont have the tendency to finish to far right. Last week i shot by far my best round at Milo Mciver throwing backhanded rollers from 19 of 27 holes i believe. That course used to scare me to play just for all the distance, but now that i got the roller working i am gettting personal bests out there and keeping up with the big arms i play with. 3 under on 27 at milo thanks roller
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I love rollers but we have so few places for them to be thrown where I'm at. I throw a lot of overhand rolls when I'm in trouble and backhand rollers when I need to crush one down the fairway.

I throw my Patriot a lot of backhand rollers (300-400 feet) and a beat 1st Run Force for long distance rollers (400 +). I can squeeze an overhand roller out to about 300 on a good day. I usually use my Trident for those type of shots.
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What exactly is an overhand roller? I keep thinking throwing a thumber but cant figure out the roll part, feel free to explain it sounds intriguing
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I also was thinking that a good dx version of the roadrunner would be the archangel does anyone have much experience rolling those discs?
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