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Here's a customized bag with lights inside to keep discs charged:

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Originally Posted by brutalbrutus View Post
I was wondering if you can buy the UV bulbs this way, and tape them to a glow disc. It would make the discs glow all night rather than just a few minutes. Thoughts?
Tried this. No success. The UV lights require more power than the white or color LEDs. You would have to rig something to use at least 2 CR2025 batteries for each disc. My original thought in buying the UV LEDs was to rig up a UV emitter on my cart via push button. That way I could just light up my disc and throw. However after 3 years of glow rounds I am convinced not to buy glow discs because they glow. The glow of the tape lasts 3X+ as long, and is much brighter. with that being said though half of the discs in my bag are glow discs. just sayin.....


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I use the flight lights pictured on page 1. Most people seem to use 1 per disc. I use 2 per disc to distribute the weight evenly & outshine any glow disc or tape out there. They are less than 3 grams each. I start with a light 150-165 disc to bring the weight up to about 170 with 2 lights.

The only way to go in my opinion as way brighter than any other option. Watch my vapor trail!
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Originally Posted by shakatak View Post
Dyanamic Discs, Disc Nation, eBay, etc...

I also use the above lights and love them. I taped them on to my glow discs as the winter got really cold last year and the glow charge does not last as long below 32 deg F. When it is warm I can just use their normal glow properties, but if there is a full moon I will turn on the LED's as they are easier to spot. I put them on back in November and so far have only had to replace one of them in the 5-6 months I used them, and I played at least once a week (Glow League) if not more.

Would also add these LED's work great on Champion plastic too. And the dayglo colors like fluorescent orange and green discs also stick out like a sore thumb when you shine a UV flashlight on them.
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I've got the NiteIze disc light you permanently attach. I have a red one attached to my MVP Proton Volt and MVP Proton Axis. As for my putter, I have a smaller red light I tape to the underside of the disc which doesn't distract as much when putting. The red light is great because it doesn't screw with other people's night vision as bad as white light.
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