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Originally Posted by davistd0 View Post
My lab/golden mix is my caddy. I found he was much more calm and controllable on the course when I put a dog pack on him with a few discs on each side. It gives him a "job" to do. I always keep him on a leash to be respectful of others on the course. He is around 15 months old, but is very well behaved at the course. He walks at my side to the disc, and stands still while I pull out a disc from his pack.
That's cool, how many discs can you fit in his pack? Next dog I get will be trained to be my caddy.
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Originally Posted by wake911 View Post
Then I would 100% advise a German Shepherd is an amazing dog.
1) Had a great German Shepherd growing up. The only problem is that he was a little protective. When we'd play in the yard, if a stranger came into the yard (usually utility workers checking meters back then) he would nip them as a warning. You'd get sued these days.

2) I take my 8yr old Choc Lab to the course all the time. She's all lab, no retriever. But she's well behaved and good company.

3) Smart dogs are over rated. A goofy, dumb, loyal dog is great. Some of the biggest problem dogs I've know have been too smart for their own good. But frequently the dog owner is the problem and not the dog.
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Obviously the answer is a Siberian Husky.

They love cold weather, overcast skies and the snow. They are most active in the winter time so you can stay in shape all winter walking them, playing with them and going on hikes. Great winter exercise to keep you motivated in the cold months when other activities are less appealing. Great way to pass those cold, winter months with man's best friend.

Then you have the summer time to yourself, get out and play as much Disc Golf as possible. As your Husky discovers the wonders of air conditioning and central air. Feed them a nice meal in the morning, short walk to do his/her business and then it is back to bed for them. You now have hours of free time every day to play, just be home in time to feed them dinner.

All kidding aside, a great owner makes for a great dog, sure you will be just fine with whatever decision you make. Sorry for your loss as I know how hard it can hit you.
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