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Classic Blend for me was a fail. Plastic seems statically charged and on dry days every bit of dust and grit sticks to it. Have to keep wiping it off. It doesn't hold it's shape either, hit a tree and it distorts. I end up always straightening and fiddling with it, so it was dropped from the bag.

Fuzion Judge has been in my bag all year with no changes to it's flight. It's my main up-shot and driving putter and I could putt with it in a pinch, but there are better options. Don't se this disc being replaced anytime soon.

Fluid Judge didn't hold up well, lost it's stability really fast and the top has sunk, looks like a mutant Yeti now. Good woods understable approach disc. Worst of the bunch to putt with, it's almost like it's spring loaded, it hits chains and bounces out. Of all the putters I have ever tried, this one reigns supreme as the bounce out king. The KC Pro Aviar holds the record as the roll away king
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i keep prime judges in my bag as practice putters, though my main putting judge is a classic hard. i've been throwing the prime judges off the tee when i need something straight but not stable (i use the harp/suspect). i have a beat prime judge now that flips from hyzer (i say that, because i can throw a turnover with a brand new judge and it will hold that line).

i find the primes out of the box are slightly more stable than the classic, the former going dead straight, and the latter turning over slightly. i was glad to see this thread, though, because i'm strongly considering getting a fuzion judge that will hold its shape better and so i can develop a relationship with by using over and over across a year or more.
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