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i wouldn't be so worried about getting a disc out as much as the perpetual potential of punctured plastic.
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Shore Acres: perhaps the only course in the world that I've played in 3 feet of snow that also has cacti.
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I'd kind of like to see the basket coming up from the middle of the cactus.
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Shore Acres...the best course on the way to Flip City.
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Originally Posted by vonDrehle View Post
In Hickory we have a Mexican restaurant where apparently there is a cactus going out of control. We have a terrible paper but I found the article amusing.

You are right, thats a quirky article. It used an analogy of the "fleas come with the dog" when talking about the restaurant and the cactus patch.

Man... I'd hate to be the restaurant owner and have to figure out which was the "fleas" and which of his assets are "the dog"!
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I would hope they would but a drop zone behind it so people don't have to play the disc in a serious round.
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I think that the rules would allow a non-penalty drop under the guise of "safety hazard" to the player. It looks like you might have to tack 4' [at worst] onto a 2' putt. If this is your biggest hazard at Shore Acres, you've got it easy. In comparison, I'd refer you to any # of drop-off holes at Diamond X in MT.
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Originally Posted by sgamerp View Post
honestly I would of never noticed this was here unless the person who plays it and put it in showed me.
If you haven't played there in the past few weeks, this is a new alternate pin position that just got put in 3 weeks ago. Easy to not have noticed it yet.

It isn't an issue any of the times I've played the hole. And if you land in it, I'm relatively certain that all of the cacti patches are considered O.B. (Not the random individual cacti, just the larger patches.)
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