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I love the durability of the medium vibram drivers. I've started getting a lot of turn with my trak but it may be some OAT sneaking back in. But it has taken a LOT of tree hits.
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Is your Trak flat or domey? I have two mediums and one is very flat (think Buzzz flat), and the other is a little bit domey. The domey one flies kind of like a Teebird, and the flat one is fairly understable (but still controllable).
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I've parked two tougher holes with a Trak I just recently put in the bag lately. It's like a slower, straighter Volt. Really, really liking it… especially the pink one I got, rather than the dull orange.

It responds really well to a smooth rip and coasts nicely.
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The trak might be my favorite vibran disc...and I'm all vibram. If thrown hard it just glides right before a slight late fade. If thrown a little easier it is just stupid straight with very little fade. I am thinking about a lighter one for more turn.
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