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Originally Posted by KniceZ View Post
You putt with a Lace??
I see what you did there...
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I generally throw a pure for putts that are further out. W
hen throwing the pure, I slightly lift the wing and play the wing drop to eventual fade. I find it keeps the disc straighter longer 50-60 ft. I can do it with a wizard but its great with the pure because of the understability
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I think there are 2 completely different bases for this decision, so it depends largely on your putting style.
Spin putters are probably going to be more apt to play it on a straight line from a further distance than pitch/push putters.
I use a pitch putt, so for me it depends on how far I can get it to go on a flat release before it starts to hyzer out.
At max effort without much accuracy, that's maybe around 40-50 feet.
If I'm trying to make a putt, I will shorten that distance up, playing a straight line out to around 30-35 feet.
Even then I may have to start it on a slight anhyzer.
Anything beyond that, I will play it to hyzer out slightly (using a Neutron Anode).
I might play that shot out to maybe 60-70 feet.
For aggressive attempts beyond that, I use a finesse backhand approach with a Pure and go straight at the basket.
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I feel like my putt is still aimed at a specific point. The energy put in to releasing at the apex of the putt shapes the actual flight. Im probably spinning more and it definitely gets out to the right and hyzers in the further out I get, but I still throw on a line to a specific point.
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Originally Posted by attik34 View Post
How far out do you approach putts with the "I'm going straight at this link, no hyzer no anny, just a lazer to the chains" mindset? Just curious as to how differnet people approach that
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Originally Posted by JAKE master View Post
wow sounds like a great way to get further behind

25ft flat after that i mix putting some hyzer and expecting fade
it's only ever in casual rounds :P
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Originally Posted by garublador View Post
At less than 20' I putt straight at it and expect it to go in (with varying degrees of disappointment).

From 20'-40' I putt straight at it and hope it goes in, but expect to miss and for it to fade so that I have a <20' putt.

From 40'-60' I don't think I have the touch to rely on just the fade, so I start playing the fade and expect to park it but am pleasantly surprised if it goes in.

Past 60' or so I don't really consider it a putt anymore.
This almost exactly.
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Inside the circle? Lazer it in there!

I suppose the exception might be a precarious lie where a miss would cost you an extra stroke. So much depends on the wind, my score, the course, pin placement, and how aggressive I need to be...

For the most part, I'd say 30' would be a straight-in type of putt.
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I push putt, and I have trouble getting it there in a straight line outside of 30 feet. I may loft it slightly closer than that if there's a danger zone behind the basket.
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If I'm trying to make it, I'm not playing any fade. The only time I play fade is when I want to loft an up-shot to give it an off-chance of going in. Even on lay-ups, I want to get it on the ground before it starts to fade.
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