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If I remember correctly, we had one hole at 30 feet (we had a swamp directly behind it, so it was for the best anyway) and another at 220 (the hole is normally 900 feet so we wanted to keep the character of the hole). Most fell within the 140-170 range with a handful hovering around 90. With the temp baskets we had a total of 30 holes and you had to throw twice for a total of 60 chances.

We had a tie for 1st with 3 aces and 5 metal hits which was settled for a winner take all CTP. The highlight of the tournament was watching the "beginners" get an ace on the 30 foot hole. I think that went a long way in raising the enjoyment for those the tournament was clearly aimed at. The 30 foot hole may have seem like a putt, but I think that made it more difficult. I miss the chains to the right and sallied the second shot for only a metal hit. It was not a gimmie because there were two trees in the way.

Last year our gimmick hole was just the cage area sitting on the ground; just the bowl and no pole or chains. It was ideal for rollers because I saw many normal throws bounce in and out on otherwise would have been great throws. The cage sat on the back side of a rise, so it was blind and you just had to aim for the tree it sat in front of. It was a 90 foot shot, so a lob could have worked too.
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Originally Posted by pmatt1969 View Post
Never played a AR. So how long are the AR holes going to be that you will throw drivers? 300+ feet? I thought they wanted some aces and basket hits. Trying to figure out how the 2 drivers will be used. Are there going to be 95 foot holes I have to throw a driver on?
I was the TD for our local ace race, and I set it up a little differently after only getting 1 ace and a few metal hits in the entire group combined the previous year. I shortened the holes to anywhere from 120-180. I had about half brand-new beginners so this was good for them. Each player gets two discs, so I chose to let everyone throw both discs for both rounds. This was to give everyone an equal shot at more aces/metal and it defnitely worked. We had 5 aces and over 30 metal. This was with 20 people, so 18 holes times 2 throws times 2 rounds = a lot of chances to hit something. It ended up not adding much time, as the entire event was 3 hours which was similar to the previous year with the 'normal' rules.
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Just threw the 2014 Ace Race disc today at the Discraft Test Drive at Sibley High School.

The Discraft rep called it a slightly more understable mantis. It felt similar to a mantis in the hand with more dome and had super long glide.

I shoulda taken pics but I didn't think to until after I left. I was too stoked that I was able to buy 2 buzz OS.
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