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Just went out to try the Beato Drill today. Had to have put on an extra 100' on my drives. Still needs improvement, I've only been playing a month, but it's a great start for my disc golf future.
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Congrats guys - I'm still waiting for the first one to stick. Lots of chaining out now, but they never stay in. Since you guys are in the learning phase (hopefully) without bad habits, I would shoot a bunch of video now and get it worked out right from the get go.

Video is the easiest way to avoid the "feel ain't real" plague haunted me through the 1st year of playing.
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^ yuuuuup.

As they say, pics or it didn't happen.
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This has been a great thread. Thanks for all the input and work you guys have done.

Tried watching the Beato drill before but just couldn't get it watching his video, this thread along with all of the videos has helped immensely.

Tonight I went out and practiced with 5 mids starting with just the Beato drill and was doing fine. Then, out of curiosity after watching McCray's style, I lowered it just a little and leaned a little forward and my balance point changed and bingo! It just felt right. Got some new tools to play with!

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I just want to say thank you to everyone in this thread. I haven't tried practicing any of it, but all the videos really help to understand it better. I started playing almost 15 years ago, life happened and it's been 2 years since I even touched a disc. So hopefully that break means I can unlearn some of my bad habits easier and pick up some of the good ones in this thread.
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Originally Posted by HyzerUniBomber View Post
Guys, that is FREAKING AWESOME!!!! Words can't even describe how stoked I am for you. I had these moments in the field where I'd felt my way into that motion of effortless accuracy and it was like, "this is insanity! I can hit a basket at 245' at will! I gotta understand this! WHAT IS IT?!"

I really think that you gain an absurd amount of accuracy because you have all this time during a slow back-swing to make sure the disc is on the right angle. There's no moving the disc around to get it adjusted, your shoulder's not bouncing around, head is quiet.
I've also benefited from this thread, particularly with accuracy and consistency. Distance? It still sucks, but I'm hitting what I have more consistently.

I think going slow is a secondary reason. But the primary reason is your tip about hitting a target with your elbow. It's such a simple thought that is easy to repeat vs. trying to do accomplish 5 other thoughts at once. Once you identify the release point, it's easy to replicate.

Thanks for all of your efforts to help us out!
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It's been a very entertaining process that has helped me as much as anything I've done in terms of technique - because it forced me to work out the most important aspects of form.

There's just too much to focus on at once! If I was trying to fix all the things that I was doing wrong in the beginning at one time, I would still be at step 1. uhh, I'd probably have quite disc golf to be honest. Fixing everything at once is just too much.

I just wanted to figure out the most important thing and isolate it as much as possible and then improve it. It took a monstrous amount of trial and error in the field (and taking stuff out of the equation) to get to that core mechanism of leverage... and I didn't even know what to call it.

Once you can feel leverage, the process starts moving forward again and the fun part starts.
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This drill has helped me as well. Understanding that every joint is a lever. With that I discovered:
The proper way to grasp the disc.
To make sure everything is nice and relaxed until your disc is close to your pecs.
And when that happens, all the energy from your legs hips and torso has a chance to reach your arm then
Everything comes out from your grip.
It's nice not having to feel like you need to muscle your throw.
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I have started a field work regimen during my lunch hour at work using a RFF Wizard, JK Pro Aviar, R-Pro Dart, Star Gremlin, GStar Mako3, and an old Curly Disc Cyclone from 1995. We have a space beside work to throw, the grass has a slope that goes upward with trees on the right and building on the left with a sidewalk that functions as a teepad. I have been doing the right pec drill and also trying the slow through from your video HUBS. I only seem to get one or two shots that rip out. I threw uphill 160 ft with my old Star Gremlin mid that seemed like it came out as it should from a right pec drill. I know it will take some time to get the feel down. I started the door frame exercises and pound the hammer drills the other night. I am trying to take it slow but it is frustrating. I had an accident and injured my shoulder and back in the winter of 2011. I played 3 rounds last year and this year I started a new job and there are some guys that play DG here so I have been playing again and realize I need to fix my drives as my upshots and putting are pretty solid. Thanks for everyone's input on the thread as it is helpful in my process of relearning to drive properly.
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