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Guys, c'mon... you've all heard it here a hundred times.

Anything is worth as much as someone is willing to pay for it.

Like that Disccatcher traveler for $357, lol.
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Originally Posted by dx_roc View Post
So he try's to rip people off on everything huh? Sounds like a hustler.
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Wow...and I thought The Third Planet at the mall selling a Hawk for $16 was a bit much.
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IT'S OVER 9000!!!!
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Originally Posted by Connor Jones View Post
Wow, look at these incredible deals!
I hope you realize these deals are meant for the clueless mass of humanity, and not the astute and obfuscate addicted disc golfer.

Although the Fade bags seem like a deal to me.
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Originally Posted by scarpfish View Post
The thing is, if grandma and grandpa do a random internet search for say "disc golf starter set", do this idiot's items even make the first ten pages? Are grandma and grandpa going to wade through dozens of more reasonably priced items to find this? Not too likely.

People who don't comparison shop when they can do it online with minimal effort don't get a lot of sympathy out of me.
Yea, but grandma and grandpa are the ones who have been shopping at Sears all their lives. I bet grandma has all the Kenmore appliances in her home, and grandpa had the Craftsman lawn tools, so Sears is a brand name they trust and will go to first.
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