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That shimano one looks promising.
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Originally Posted by theabacus View Post
Better link for the Wild River pack. Don't see a good option for a putter pocket and seems to have a lot of features that are unnecesary. Bag is also a little pricey, but it seems well built and durable. It appears that it can be purchased without the trays as well.

Its prolly best to get a mahal if you're going to spend that money on a bag. But if it was cheaper I would jump on it asap. It does look like a solid bag to mod. But again, that pricetag. You would be better off buying a bag made for discgolf
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Shimanos aren't deep enough for the discs to go side by side. And also like $150
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Was browsing the inter-webs and saw this rainfly for $3.99 and was wondering if this or any other rainfly would work good for covering a DD Ranger Backpack?
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I fought through this whole post. It should be retitled "PlastiDip + Birdie Beads"

I honestly don't know what I was looking for. I want a DIY idea. Maybe a built in chair or something a little more elaborate. But I don't want to sound ungrateful.

I really liked the mesh bottom sewn into the Revolution Carolina bottle holder. I'm also gonna find an organizer pocket to sew inside my pocket; both great ideas. Dental floss as thread is Genius! I also appreciate whoever mentioned that when patches are removed, the fabric under it won't be faded; I hadn't considered that.

This is a silly one, but if you want to put pins on your bag, instead of using the dammits to hold it on, risking them falling off, just fold the sharp part down flat against the back of the pin w\ some pliers. They stay better and there's less potential for snagging stuff inside.

I would love some unique DIY stuff, not gear suggestions. MP3 holders just aren't doing anything for me.
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Oh yeah. There's this product by Rustoleum called Never Wet. The stuff is awesome. It uses some kind of nano fancytronics to keep anything from sticking to it. It just beads off. I'm getting some for my shoes, but I was curious if anyone's tried it. Might get some for the bag, too. It's $20 for a two can kit @ Home Depot, so I'm hesitant.
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Anyone added a mini pocket to an Innova Deluxe and would like to share pictures?
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