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Sell them to PIAS or any disc store that resells used discs.
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Originally Posted by Murderous Monkey View Post
Use them for water holes, that way it doesn't matter if they go in forever....
Originally Posted by Billy_awesome View Post
Would it be a good idea to donate the discs to a new player? I was thinking someone without a good snap could benefit from a beat in disc. .
these are my answers
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I was wondering what you guys do with your discs once they get so beat in that they turn over to no return.
This has yet to happen to me.
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If it's a beat in Star Wraith, just use it for laser straight shots. I've got a really old, super beat Zombie-dyed Star Wraith that I carry strictly for forehand anny shots. It'll hold left and glide forever.
Some beat in discs have a place in the bag and are excellent for certain shots, others are just too far gone to have any hope. Old beat in discs are great for little kids with little or no power behind their throws.
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Im tempted to run an event - Return of the dead - where players select a beat to death disc for a one disc event....see who can do the best (selection and playing) with a near death disc. Then at the end donate them all to a kids club.
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Send them to me. I'm the noodliest of noodle arms and am quite fond of beat to hell flippy discs. There's a reason that I mainly throw Gazelles.
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Trade them in for new plastic!
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