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Originally Posted by KniceZ View Post
I was simply pointing out the contratiction between the description by colo (and Rameka) and the summary of the affect of spin. I'm an Electrical Eng not aero nor have I studied fluild dynamics as colo stated he had done. DG_player has stated that colo is "completely wrong" yet he has not stated his own credentials. I'll give the benefit of the doubt and assume DG is an engineer/physist. His explainations certainly seem well thought out and reasonable. So now I'm faced which a decision of which "expert" to believe. Isn't science fun!! I love watching experts argue!!
I'm much less qualified than Potts and Hummel. However if you read their papers, they did observational testing in a wind tunnel.

They observed 2 things:
#1 the roll moment was in fact very small
#2 the roll moment was actually negative rather than positive (which would suggest more lift was being generated on the right side of the frisbee, not the left)

Quote: "Thus the mistaken rationale presented above does not even calculate the sign of the rolling moment, much less its magnitude, illustrating the complex nature of the flow around the frisbee."

They do not go on to explain why they believe there is a negative roll moment. I could speculate, but it would just be speculation.
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Bogey, you mentioned about people not accurately being able to control their spin. I half agree with that. Throwing a full out drive, I don't have much ability to control the spin. However, I can definitely control the spin on a finesse throw. Throwing an approach shot or short downhill throw, I'll vary the spin to get a straighter flying shot or one that will fade in sooner.
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Originally Posted by BogeyNoMore View Post
Also, thanks for calrifying your point, I more clearly see what you mean. Our inherent inconsistency easily outweighs our ability to vary spin from a practical standpoint.
There's also the fact that we can't perceive how much actual spin we put on a disc for any given throw. We just don't have a way to do that without special equipment. So even if you think you're adding more spin, you don't have any way to really know. Apparently when Erin thought he was adding spin he was actually taking it away.

My bigger point is that while it's interesting to talk about from a physics standpoint, it's not terribly useful from a learning or technique standpoint. It's way more useful to concentrate on metrics that you can perceive well (flight path, distance, the "feel" of the hit), then ones you can't (spin, speed).
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this thread rules so hard.
i may collect my thoughts and contribute, but for now you guys are awesome.
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