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Originally Posted by scarpfish View Post
Might as well have posted links. The actual posts were nothing of substance, much like 99% of the narcissistic whoredom posted on social media.
We get it. You hate facebook. You don't need to constantly remind us of something that doesn't concern us.
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Originally Posted by scarpfish View Post
And that's where you lost my interest.
Yeah that's why you had to post. "ooh look at me I am boycotting FB and you all have to notice that". Attention seeking drama queen much?

Originally Posted by scarpfish View Post
Might as well have posted links. The actual posts were nothing of substance, much like 99% of the narcissistic whoredom posted on social media.
Oh it gets even better You know this forum is a social media, right? And your posts just reek of desperate "narcissistic whoredom"

The irony would hit you in the face if you weren't so blind to it...

But on topic : it's just advertising. All of those statements. Innova was all like "look we still got the best player in the world signed and look how well he did" while Latitude is still in a stage where they have to get their discs more well known, so they name them. It's advertising, what did you expect?
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It's no different than any other type of sponsored person in any other type of sport/activities
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Originally Posted by nolangherity View Post
holler. im gonna list all my westside stuff here in a minute.
I'm not willing to go that far, although after trading away a couple of their discs over the weekend I'm down to a Sword and a XXX being the only Westside/Lat/DD product I own, and both of those are sitting in my trade pile. I will just quietly be supporting other manufacturers with my money.

Originally Posted by btothej89 View Post
As much as i really do like their discs ,this mentioning of certain discs, that won you a tournament is really annoying. It is starting to feel like a religious thing. Stop worshipping your discs!
You do have to give them credit for being able to whip up such a rabid following with nothing more than some pretty plastic, right? And the ONLY difference, is how pretty Opto and Gold Line are. I've bought several discs from them, and thrown many more when playing with a friend who would join their fake team if he could overcome his addiction to Wizards and Volts. My opinion is that they have nothing unique or special in their lineup. They have lots of nice discs, don't get me wrong. I just haven't found anything they offer that I can't find another disc that does the same thing as well or better.

If people like W/L/D then so be it. That's great. I just wish they didn't come off like the Jehovah's Witnesses of disc golf with the way they act about their brand(s).
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I think Puckstopper is on to something. What originally drew me to Lat discs (then Westside and eventually DD) is how awesome their plastic blends are. Fuzion/Bio Fuzion/RGL/everything else they call it is absolutely gorgeous and Opto/Lucid/VIP is great as well.

If I were the Lat family, in the future, I'd have their players mention the blends rather than individual discs. Try and draw people in that way. It seems less contrived, and still allows you to talk about your play.

"My Gold Line discs had the grip I needed with the wet conditions during the first round" or something like that.
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I totally agree with you Puckstopper and Andy. The reason why i throw their stuff is a: their plastic is really really good imho Opto and GL are just nice and seem to be working for me and gripwise and b: the even more important point is availability. I would just love to get my hands on some nice kc 11x rocs (max weight) or to try out all the different aviars but itīs just a pain the the a$$$ to find them here in Germany. WLD on the other hands are always in stock, thats whats gotten me to prefer them, just because i dont have to wait a couple of weeks before they are back in stock or my package from the US reached my mail.

BUT the one thing i really donīt understand is this: DD was a Company and retailer has basically every other brand available in their stores, right? So you can go online and buy innova or discraft or whatever compay (disc) you want from them. Not just their on discs. Thats awesome, because at the end of the day it doensīt matter what you throw, as long as you are having a good time out there on the course! So why are People trying to exclude other manufactores when their main retailer sells everything you can possibly think off???

I try to see the entire dg-community as one big familiy, but please stop trying to be missionaries in the field that try to persuade other People.
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