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I was one of TTs harshest critics at first. But after conversing with SteezeOG and getting over myself, I realized there really isn't anything wrong with it. I have seen a few people, mostly younger players, who have revamped their whole bag to join TT, but hey, that's their business not mine.

FWIW, here in Colorado Lat/Westside/DD are decently popular, but it's pretty rare to see anyone with more than two molds from the Trilogy in their bags at any given time. Lot of people rocking Ranger bags without a single Trilogy disc in there.

So it isn't really catching fire here, at least in our local league and In the tournament scene.
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I'll be honest, I couldn't make myself read this entire thread but this is what I got out of it...
Everyone keeps asking "What's in it for me?" But TT is killing it because everyone buys in, with the idea to give, not take. Admirable. I honestly thought the dudes with the TT stuff were actually on the real DD/LAT/WS team. Man, this makes so much more sense now.
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I gave this an honest try, to convert over, mainly to see if I could. I played in a lot of tournaments in the last two years, and did fairly well, but it was mainly to qualify for this year's Am Worlds. Between the two big tournaments I already played and Am World's, I qualified for next year four times over. So my competitive playing days will be numbered in the near future, keeping mainly to leagues, recreational rounds, and practice, so I do not know how much of an ambassador I could be for the sport anyway.

Regardless, I wanted to see if I could do it.

I converted over to the tandem of Mercy and Swans for putting. The Recycled Claymore, at least what few I could get my hands on, definitely pair up well with my Truths and Verdicts. However, it was my fairway drivers that killed me in the end. I simply cannot replace my Gazelles. There is no disc like it in the Trilogy lineup. I am not looking for forum help here in regards to the Gazelle, but I am putting it out there as a statement of fact for me; I could not replace the Gazelle. And since I could not replace that disc, I might as well keep the Roadrunner, Leopard, TeeBird3, and Predator in the bag as well. There are no exact replacements for them either, even though several are close.

I already run with the pairing of Swords and Trespasses. To cap it off, I also throw the XXX; always have, always will. So my bag was easily half Trilogy, but it only took one disc to blow up the whole plan.
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