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I've got me a super awesome Chocolate Lab(Cooper). He plays every course with me and he is the best, he's grabbed many discs outta water, tall grass and shrubs.(Some of which were left by other players) Took some time to get him trained but rewards seemed to work the the best.(positive reinforcement)
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Originally Posted by Matthew boals View Post
Whatever you do please get the dog from any place but breeder. Plenty of dogs in humane societies, sadly. Much cheaper too!

And the rescue orgs have puppies available for adpotion pretty frequently if you feel that you must get a puppy and train it. But old dogs can learn new tricks!
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Originally Posted by Matthew boals View Post
Whatever you do please get the dog from any place but breeder. Plenty of dogs in humane societies, sadly. Much cheaper too!
100% agreed there. The best dog is a shelter/rescued dog. They seem to know that they've been helped, and return the favor exponentially. If you've ever seen a true puppy mill, you'd have to be soulless to buy from one.
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My 9yr old choc lab, Reese, gets most of her exercise on the disc golf course. ....all lab, no retriever, but she's good company.
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Originally Posted by Matthew boals View Post
Whatever you do please get the dog from any place but breeder. Plenty of dogs in humane societies, sadly. Much cheaper too!
Yes, this. There are plenty of good dogs at shelters. You can even often find puppies there.

To the OP, just know that if you get a golden retriever or a lab (of which there are plenty of lab and lab mixes at shelters) or some other retriever, that they have a retrieving instinct. Poochie might not understand that you want that 350 ft park job to stay right where you threw it until you get to it.

If you can train them to do so, they are great for helping find lost discs. My golden is also great at getting floating discs off of ponds.

Someone else said it here, but I will say it as well: make sure your dog gets enough exercise. They need it regularly. There are too many fat and sad dogs out there.
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I have a 2 year old chocolate lab that will find pretty much any disc lost in the bushes you can imagine. My cousin once lost his disc in some really long grass/brush and we looked for an hour but couldn't find it. Went home and grabbed Freya and within a few minutes of me saying, "Find the bird!" (she's also my hunting companion) she emerged from the undergrowth with my cousin's disc.

She's awesome for driving practice and loves to bring my discs back to me. She has no quit, so on hot days I really have to limit her to avoid heat exhaustion. Another added bonus is that she has a very soft mouth and does not dent up or rip apart DX discs, though I generally throw Z/Champ/Star types of plastic.

As the poster above me stated, if your dog has a strong retrieval instinct, you should definitely practice making them sit and stay when you throw an object and only break when you give the command. With a lot of positive reinforcement (especially with treats) most dogs will pick up the concept right away. The dogs that I've had really enjoy training sessions--not only do they get to spend time with you, they get rewards for making you happy. And let's face it, most dogs only want to make you happy.
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Originally Posted by brian j View Post
i have a cattle dog/border collie mix named bogey that plays a lot of disc golf with me. he's a year old and needs some work but he's starting to be good after he wears himself out.
Nice! I would love to see a picture of your doggy. Our discing dog is my brother's cattle dog named Vida. She is awesome and will chase discs all day. She has found many discs for us that would have otherwise been lost. Pup has an amazing ability to find our discs. She is also great for field practice because she will always retrieve our discs. The only thing is that she often picks up my discs during rounds! She never seems to bother my brother's throws too much but she always wants to pick up my disc after a good throw!

Here is Vida catching my Star San Marino Roc. I got her a Gumbputt for Christmas so she would have a soft golf disc to catch. She isn't interested dog frisbees very much
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Awesome responses. I generally agree with everyone but I did get the Golden from a breeder but this isn't a puppy mill or something from a store window. I checked out breeder. Got references, looked at the kennels, was able to see both the mom and dad and even got a vet reference and chatted with the vet about the breeders.

Everything checked out and I was very impressed with them. We spent over an hour with 5 six week old pups and picked out the one we liked the best. We go back in 2 to 4 weeks after the puppies are weened and ready to go home.

I did try going through a local golden rescue but they actually had a waiting list. Our present dog, Sherman, we did get from the local rescue and we've fostered tons of dogs. My wife is a big animal loving. She was going to bring home an abandoned dog that was getting ready to give birth any day. Not something I was crazy about but couldn't say no. Luckily there are a lot of animals lovers and someone better equipped was able to take them.

We've had so many dogs over the years I don't know what it would be like to not have to step over a baby gate to get into my kitchen.
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